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Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest Updated

Sailfin Sculpin
Sailfin Sculpin

We have been out diving the past couple of weeks and we have been hard a work ensuring the section Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest is updated after each of my dives.  We have some new images in the Spiny fish section with the addition of the Sailfin Sculphin, as well some new pictures in the Giant Pacific Octopus, and one of my favorites the cloud sponges.  Be sure to stop by and check things out!!

Update – Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest

Flabellina Verrucosa
Flabellina Verrucosa

UWE is excited to announce that we have updated some of the sections in the Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest.  We have added two new images of the Fabellina, Nudibranch.  The Nudibranch page have only the included Nudibranch in which I have been able to find and photograph, realizing there are

Saddleback Gunnel
Saddleback Gunnel

hundreds of different ones in the area these are simply the ones we have been able to find.

We also updated the Bony Fishes page by the addition of the Saddleback Gunnel.  I found this cool fish at Tuwanek in Sechelt BC.  This was in about 60 feet of water on the wall on the left island.  Be s

September is Debris Clean Up Month

Stop the Silent Killer - Ocean Debris cleanup
Stop the Silent Killer – Ocean Debris cleanup

UWE and Ocean Quest Dive Centre are joining in with Project Aware’s program “September in Debris Clean Up Month.  We will be hosting a debris clean up on the 29th of Sept, at Belcara Park in Port Moody British Columbia.  We are looking for volunteers for ocean and beach clean up, so please don’t worry if you are not a diver, we will need plenty of help.


Here is an excert from the Project Aware Website;

“In today’s “throw-away” society, it is all too easy to forget that we are drowing the ocean planet in our trash like plastic bottles and bags: plastics that never biodegrade in the occean and instead break down into even smaller pieces that remain a danger to marine animals that mistake them for food.  The impact is both massive and horrific, and we urgently need your help to stop this.”

I have seen this first hand, while living in Cambodia.  I would see plastic bottles floating in the Pacific Ocean, and as we would conduct our training dives and fun dives we would attempt to collect all that we could.  On the beautiful tropical beaches we would see various forms of plastics, bags, cups, bottles, and the surprising thing was, they were not all from the area.  I had figured this was a Khmer problem, that is was all their garbage and more education was needed which is what we tried providing in various villages on the island.  But when you looked closer some of the plastic products were from further up the coast, Korea, Japan, Hawaii and yes even Canada.  This proof that all the oceans are connected and what we do in our country can impact other countires as well.

Come on people, come out and join in to make this “September is Debris Clean Up Month” a huge success!! If you are interested in joining to help, please follow the link below and register to help!!

Ocean Quest Fights the Oceans Silent Killer 


Glass Sponge Bioherm and Gardens

UWE  was out with Ocean Quest Dive Centre enjoyed a presentation from Glen Dennison about his work on Glass Sponge Bioherm and Gardens in Howe Sound.  I personally have seen many many cloud sponges, and they are simply beautiful, however these Bioherms are breath taking.  I found this video on YouTube.  Take a few minutes and watch it, fabulous work.  Keep an I out for Glenn’s book its going to be a great read, and most of the income generated will go into putting in mooring buoys for dive boats so we can dive these sites.


Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest

Northern Ronquil, Kelvins Grove
Northern Ronquil, Kelvins Grove

UWE is very excited to announce that the Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest section is once again in the process of being up dated with new images and information being added.   We have updated the Fish Section with the addition of some new Black Eyed Goby pictures, along with the Northern Ranquil and some updated images of the Rock fish (Copper to be more accurate).

We also added the Worm section as well as the Crab section, where we have added some pictures of the various images of the Northern Crab, Alaskan Hermit Crab, and we are in the process of adding some of the various worm pictures we have taken along with the information we have researched.

Be sure to stop in and check out the sections…let us know how we are making out!!


Reef Surveyor Course

Clown Nudibranch

Doug Biffard, a Marine Biologist who does volunteer work with Reef Dot Org was up to DiveSafe International this past weekend and conducted the Level 2 and Level 3 surveyors course. The course is a free one, which involves some classroom work, and then if you are a certified scuba diver, there can be one or two dives conducted in conjunction with the training.

Saturday’s training had Doug explaining why the diving in the Pacific Northwest is so diverse, and amazing.  Also, during this session we are introduced into the various Fish and Invertebrates that can be found in our local waters.

On day two, we headed out on the boat for a dive at Lone Tree one of our many awesome dive sites, where we encountered many different rock fish, Greenling, Giant Pacific Octopus and even a Shark (Dog Shark).

DiveSafe is going to have Doug back up in late September, or early October for our next Reef Course, so if you are interested be sure to get a hold of DiveSafe to book your seat.   What do you have to loose…after all its FREE for the classroom sessions!!