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Three New PADI Open Water Divers

Barbara B New PADI Open Water Diver
Barbara B New PADI Open Water Diver

UWE and Ocean Quest Dive Centre are very excited to announce that we have Three New PADI Open Water Divers!  Jeremy, Ryan and Barbara decided to brave the cold January temperatures and get their PADI Open Water Diver certification.  We started in the pool and classroom on the 7 – 8 of January and everyone did a fantastic job.  All three worked hard in the pool and were very quick to master the skills that needed to get them to the ocean.

On the second weekend we were out to Whytecliff park to work on the Open Water skills and all three students held their own.  As always, there was some rough buoyancy skills but over the four dives all three students were able to work things our and showed that they had what it takes to be a diver!!

Well done to the Three New PADI Open Water Divers!!

First Open Water of 2012

Jan 2012 PADI Open Water Course

UWE and Ocean Quest are back at it, and we have just started our first open water of 2012.  Today was day one of the course and we had all six students in the pool first thing this morning so we could work on Confined Water 1 – 3.   The 6 students were divided into two groups with 3 for me and 3 for Mike T.

Everyone did an amazing job, they quickly got use to the equipment and started showing how comfortable they were in the water.  On completion of the the pool sessions, we headed back to the class, and started to complete the knowledge reviews for chapters 1 – 3.  So far everyone is doing a fabulous job, keep up the great work!!!

Two New PADI Open Water Divers

Mike and Alexis New PADI Open Water Divers

UWE and Ocean Quest Dive Centre are very excited to announce we have two new PADI Open Water Divers. Alexis and Mike joined us a few weeks ago wanting to do a private course, as they worked crazy hours, and they had a trip planned to Cozumel, in 9 days now! So we got hard at it and worked on all of their academics and Confine Water skills over a two day period.   Both excelled with diving, though there were some concerns about the mask drills.  Mike and Alexis opted to do the Drysuit addon (smart move) as the water temperatures are cool right now.

The next two training days were spent in the ocean showing what all they had learned.  Both did an awesome job, we spent some time exploring and sometime doing those skills that none of us like to do, but must to prove we can do them.  Yesterday we were all rewarded with a Seal Pup encounter, and this little guy is so friendly, that he would come up and let us scratch his tummy!  Wow, where do we go from there for encounters?  Crazy fun!!

Well done guys, I hope we get a chance to dive together again very soon!  Want to dive…be sure to visit Dive Ocean Quest Dot Com 

PADI Open Water Diver

Amy M. PADI Open Water Diver

UWE is very excited to announce that Amy M. has successfully completed the PADI Open Water Divers course.  From all she has indicated this has been something she has wanted to do for many years!  Well Amy, you have done it!  She is a natural and most likely the easiest person I have ever trained.  I would show her a skill, and she would repeat it without a problem.  I know, there are many of my students that are like that, but Amy well she would actually re practice the skills, repeat it and repeat it until she had it perfect.

It was off to the Open Water, and due to how busy my schedule was, Amy’s Open Water dives where scattered a little, but she banged off all the skills she needed to do, with the required number of dives.  Since her certification she has not looked back, she is up to 11 dives now, and she has just recently completed the NITROX divers course and she is now starting to work on her Advanced Open Water.

Well done Amy, keep working hard, you are certainly a natural!!

We Have a New Open Water Diver


UWE and EcoSea Dive are happy to announce that Gerry has successfully completed his Open Water Diver training!!  Well done to Gerry.

I met Gerry on Day one of his Open Water course through PADI.  Gerry, made simple work of the academics.  We spent the day learning the various rules about diving, reviewing dive gear as well as the Confined Water skills that would be asked of him while doing his training.

Day 2, had us head out to the island, where he had little problems completing all the skills.  He had a little speed bump, but over all he made easy work of the required skills.

During the Open Water dives portion of his training, Day 3, Gerry had a little to over come with the depths that we were using.  Overall though he did an excellent job!!

Well done to Gerry!!