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Tec 40 Training

Uwe and Ocean Quest went out on the last weekend of July and did Dive 1 and Dive 2 of the Tec 40 Training class.   The conditions were very good for the training, visibility good and little water movement.  Greg laid the bottom line and then the ascent line.  Once everything in place the skills circuit began with some bottle drills, hovering drills and then the valve drills.  The big skill being looked at throughout the dive was awareness and for the most part everyone did very well.

We are going to be back in the classroom this week and then the Ocean for dives 3 and 4, which of course will be more skills, and then the running of schedules with simulated decompression.  We are lucky that we have a talented set of divers whom are doing a great job and I know they will complete the training easily.  Well done to everyone and I am looking forward to diving with you all very soon!

If you are interested in taking your Tec 40 Training, be sure to contact us either Here or at Ocean Quest


New Rec Sidemount Instructor Rating

PADI Sidemount
PADI Sidemount

UWE is excited to announce that we have qualified and have been certified as the PADI Recreational Sidemount Instructor rating from PADI.  After completing the Tec Sidemount Diver level course that was taught by Jeff Loflin, back in Jul, we have been out getting our dive nmubers up inorder to reach the number needed to certify as an instructor.  We have had many shore dives as well as a set up boat dives on sidemount.

I have to admit Sidemount is living up to the expectations I have had for it.  Diving from a boat is a breeze, shore diving is simple.  There is less wear and tear on the body from lugging around heavy tanks on my back.  I simply bring the tanks into the water with me, and I strap them on and swim off like there is nothing on me.  I like the redunancy, and I have to say it is so very easy to stay in trim.

Greg and I headed out last Wednesday and conducted a Tec Decompression Sidemount dive.  I found it so comfortable in 4 bottles, and the dive went off without a hitch.  I enjoyed so much the easy of this formate of diving.  Ocean Quest has scheduled a course for mid August and the numbers are climbing for participants.  One thing Jeff siad when he started his presentation and it was keep an open mind.  I have, and I am glad I have.  Have an opion, provide yourself with and informed, come on out and give it a try on our course….after all what do you have to loose.

If you have any questions let me know. Cheers!

Course Training Page Updated

Last minute checks

UWE, is in the process of updating the Training Center here at Uw Explorers.  We have completed the Technical Diving section.  We have updated prices and number of dives.  Don’t miss out on some of the best training and diving you can imagine.

We offer Technical training through PADI/DSAT and TDI.  If there is a technical course you want to take and you do not see it on our website be sure to send us and email, so we can send you out some information of the course, and where you can take it.  In most cases we bring in guest instructors if we are not able to conduct the course.

Are you Prepared??

This is from a poster that was created by the famous Cave Explorer Sheck Exley;

Sheck Exley What If Chart....
Sheck Exley

Before the Dive, What if…;

  • The gas company put the wrong gas in the cylinders you fill from?
  • The wrong grade of helium is in them?
  • THere are impurities in the gas?
  • You miscalculate your mixtures and have too much oxygen?
  • Too little oxygen?
  • Too much Nitrogen?
  • Too much Helium?
  • The for mixing is wrong?
  • The filling temperatures are different?
  • The dive shop filling your tanks allows the gas to bleed back into their bank system?
  • Your cylinders contain flammable materials and you put in pure oxygen?
  • The dive shop tops your deep tanks with bad air?
  • A pinhole leak allows the helium to leak but other gases remain?
  • Your get the cylinders mixed up while filling?

One the Descent, What if…;

  • You do not have enough oxygen when you submerge?
  • Your depth gauge reads shallow?
  • A tank you thought had trimix was really nitrox, etc?
  • You over breath your regulator?
  • You have a delay before ascending?
  • You have a delay on the way down?
  • You have to exert a lot on the bottom?
  • You have a five minute line entanglement etc, on the bottom?
  • You lose your dive partner on the bottom?
  • You get blown from the dive site?
  • You lose your mask?

During Decompression, What if…;

  • The decompression tables you have don’t work?
  • You lose your decompression tables?
  • You lose your watch?
  • You lose your depth gauge?
  • You run out of decompression gas?
  • You drop one of your decompression cylinders?
  • Some steals on of your decompression cylinders?
  • Your decompression cylinders have leaked?
  • You are delayed at a decompression stop?
  • Danger from hazardous marine life keeps you from completing your decompression?
  • Your drysuit floods?
  • You get hypothermia?
  • You get the bends

These are all the situations one should think of when Technical Diving…and be sure you can accept the risks!! Otherwise do not do it!!

New Decompression Divers

[singlepic id=282 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]UWE is excited to announce that Peter M has successfully completed his Advanced Nitrox, and Decompression Procedures training.  He arrived from Denver early last week, and we got hard at it.  The first day had a steep learning curve, where Peter was shown how to set up the Doubles, and we prepped with one stage bottle.  Once we had everything set up it was off to Coopers Green where we did a marathon dive that was filled with almost every skill that is needed to dive in the Technical sense.

On our second day, we did dual stage bottle skills, no mask drills and bag drills. As in the first day the learn curve was very steep.  This week had us doing our first decompression Dives, with the first one in Tuwanek, and then the second on at the HMCS CHAUDIERE.  Peter was certified on Wednesday, and this Saturday has us heading to the Power Lines for a dip to 170 feet.  Great times ahead!!

Day 1 of Advanced Nitrox/Decoprocedures

Today had Peter upon from Colorado to do the TDI Advanced Nitrox and Decompressions Procedures course. Though the weather was wet and cool, it made no difference since todays dive was spent at 30 feet in very warm water.   Today’s dive included, V drills, S Drills, donning and doffing of cyinders, NOTX and some Lift Bag drills.

This was Peter’s first time in doubles, and the learning curve is steep as the drills come fast and furious.  Peter was certainly up to the challenge he had no troubles getting through the work.  We did not complete everything that was laid out to try, though that is cool since it was certainly a challenging afternoon for all.  Well done Peter….I hope you are read for tomorrow!!