PADI Deep Diver Course

After your first few scuba dives, you soon want to explore a bit deeper.  There’s something exciting and mysterious about the depth that attracts divers.  So, once you have completed your Advanced Open Water course, you may want to think about taking the PADI Deep Diver Course.  This course will open up the depth range from 100 – 130 feet (30 – 40 metres).

The Deep Specialty teaches you some basic deep diving techniques, however Uw Explorers has expanded on some of this, and we teach some of the Technical Diving procedures for deeper diving in a safe manner.  We teach how to calculate your Surface Consumption Rate, (SAC) so you know how much gas you need, and use, as well we take it a step further and show you how to calculate what is called Rock Bottom, and this is a term/procedure so you can be sure you have enough gas in reserve to ensure you and your buddy can make it to the surface in an emergency.  From there we also go into Awareness training, finning techniques/Anti silting.  This course will be one of your more challenging courses though still it is a lot of fun!

The PADI Deep Diver course is 2 classroom sessions and 4 dives.

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