Islote (Little Rock)

Type: Boat Dive
Depth: 0 – 60ft
Location: Since this dive is a boat dive, unless you have your own boat and driver since anchoring is not allowed, it would be just as easy to let a local dive center take you out and bring you back, since they are the professionals.  I went with Vista Sea Sport, and they did a marvelous job.
Level: Open Water and Above

Dive Site:
Little rock is exactly that, maybe a mile from the point there is a rock that is jutting out of the Sea of Cortez, which has a slight current passing by, that is not overly difficult to deal with.  Navigation is really rather simple.  Was in the water, you decide whether to circle the rock to the right or left…it really makes no difference.  The topography is very rocky with larger boulders resting on a sandy bottom, providing ample hiding spots for the various kinds of marine life that can be found in the Sea of Cortez.   I was lucky to see, lobsters, moray eels, angel fish, trumpet fish, a huge snapper, and of course my favorite, the puffer fish and porcupine fish…not in low numbers but in schools if you can believe it!

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The Cabo Pulmo National Park Marine park is located about 40 miles norht of San Jose De Cabo on the eastern cape of Baja, “the interactive peninsula”.  The abundant coral  growth on the rocky reefs provide shelters and food for countless colorful reef fishes, many of which are found nowhere else in the world. The marine boundries are Bahia Las Barracas to the north and Bahia Los Frailes to the south, encompassing approximately 7,111 hectares.  This nutrient rich water results in a profusion of plankton that forms the base of a vast food web of invertebrates, fishes, birds and mammals making the Sea of Cortez one of the most productive waters in the world.

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