Tuwanek Point

Type: Shore Dive
Depth: 20 – 170
Location: Almost to the end of Sechelt Inlet Road. Facilities:Parking is limited but there are a few spots at the public beach just past the Tuwanek Hotel.  Tuwanek is a residential community with no restroom or food facilities, so take what you need for the day.
Level: Openwater and Above.

Dive Site

There are a few different dive options at Tuwanek Point.  Lamb Islet – There are three islands located just off shore of Tuwanek Point.  A short surface swim directly off the end of the spit will bring you to the southern point of the southern island.  The backside of these islands are the best for diving.  You can attain lots of depth here, past recreational limits if you like, but most of the life to be seen is between 40ft – 80ft.  There are octopus dens along all three islands; wolfe eels frequent the area as well.  During warmer conditions when the kelp is thickest, shiner perch cover the upper water column.

Occasionally seals will come down to investigate all three islands and return to the entry point.  There is a little current occasionally, but it’s manageable.

From the beach you’ll be heading due south across the bay.  The easiest way to navigate this through is to drop down to around 25 feet, and follow the bottom contour around keeping the slop to your left.

You will run into a rock outcropping after a few minutes that extends downward.  Follow this along at aroun 50 feet, keep going though as the best part of the dive is further along.  THere is a small sand flat that you have to cross and then you hit a nice little wall.  There is an octopus den at this site at approximately 90 feet.  Sculpins and gobies hide in the cracks, so take your time while exploring this site.

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