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Bulls-eye Electric Ray
Diplobatus ommata
Size: Length 7.9 inches max. 9.8 inches
Range: Panama to Sea of Cortez
Habitat: Sandy areas near rocky reefs.  From Intertidal to 211ft
Description: Disc oval an with pelvic fins give an overall teardrop body
shape.  2 dorsal fins present spaced evenly along the tail and well developed
upper caudal.  Caudal fins fan shaped.   Dorsum brown with indistinct
blotches and conspicuous eyespot in centre.  Area in front of eyes sometimes has
bolder markings in the form of symmetrical blotches.  Ventrum pale

Bulls-eye Electric Ray (627)

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Round Stingray
Urobatis halleri
Size: Max length 56cm
Range: Northern California to Panama
Habitat: Intertidal to 90m on sand or mud sometimes around reefs
Description: Circular disc, no dorsal fin, tail shorter than disc length, sting
present on tail.  Dorsum smooth (no tubercles). Color highly variable: golden
yellow, pinkish grey, light or dark brown or completely black.  Often pale with
covering pattern or small dark spots and/or reticulated lines reversing in color
towards tail.  Ventrum generally pale but yellow or dark near the disc margin on
dark individuals.  Eyes generally golden but may appear blue in very old animals.
Blueness probably caused by a rheumy film rather than an actual change in

Round Stingray (612)

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