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Diving with the Crew

UWE has been back on the Sunshine Coast for the month of October, diving with the old crew.  Sarah, Rob, Nancy, Paul, Jeremy, Bruno and Sam.  We have been out at the all time favorite shore site, yes you got it Tuwanek.  We have been treated to the Giant Pacific Octopus, and Wolf Eel’s, all the fabulous marine life that Tuwanek has to offer, and as always the visibility was 100 ft plus!!  Temperatures are dropping that is for sure, but great diving never the less!

Hooded Nudibranch

We also made it out on the zodiac for a days worth of diving.  We picked two dive sites which we/I had never dived before.  The first site, is one I had wanted to try on a few occasions but never really made it in there.  I can not remember the name of the place, but it was the rocks just down from Pipers Point,  it had some very interesting areas, we even ran into two Giant Pacific Octopods, one that appeared to have died very recently, then the second in the same den which was still alive.  The topography was amazing.  Then the second dive site was 9 mile point, but we went in around the corner, where normally the divers are exiting at so it was a new area for us.  Once again the wall was amazing topography wise, and it had plenty of depth.  The one group of divers had indicated that they had seen an octopus, around 80 – 90 foot, but the group I was with did not.

Overall it was fabulous diving the inlet again, as well as diving with my old friends, and meeting some new people….thank you to all who made the dives so wonderful!

Busy Couple of Days

[singlepic id=180 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]UWE, has had a couple of busy days, we were out enjoying the fine weather on the inlet.  Friday had us diving on the Powers line up near Salmon Inlet.  This dive is a sheer wall drop off kind of dive.  Buoyancy is a must, but for the recreational diver you want to drop down to the 130ft mark and then slowly ride your no deco time into shallower water.  Things to see on the is wall, ar nice size glass/cloud sponges, which are found deeper then 110ft.  The wall in the 40 ft and shallower is excellent for marine life as well.  This is the wall that we got some excellent octopus footage, which was used in the Diving in Sechelt video.

The other dives were conducted on Pipers, 9 Mile Point and the ever favourite HMCS CHAUDIERE.  The visibility at 9 mile and Pipers was excellent, and we were treated to Ocotpus encounters on both of the dives.  The layer is clear to about 30 ft, then the visibility starts to come in closer and closer the deeper we headed.  The HMCS CHAUDIERE dive today, was an interesting one.  As we decended down the stern mooring line, it was evident that we were not going to be able to see the Chaud until we actual swam into her…and sure enough that is what happened.  Though I have to admit there was a lot of Ling Cods hiding around and on the wreck.  As always we had a great dive.

With the on set of warm weather it is sure getting nicer being out on the boat.  Don’t miss out on a great charter!

New Decompression Diver

[singlepic=102,320,240,watermark,left]Uw Explorers wants to send out our congratulations to Jeremy Chesworth on completing the Advanced Nitrox and Decompression procedures course yesterday!  We planned to challenge Jeremy with a dive to 170fsw off 9 mile point.

Monday night had everyone hard at work preparing decompression mixes for the dive, while some prepared the decompression schedule for the dive.  Once completed we broke for the evening with the agreement to meet early the next day so we could get everything together and out to the dive site.[singlepic=138,320,240,watermark,right]

Once on site, we preped and rolled into the water….did our bubble checks…and then started our descent.  As we dropped through the 50 foot mark we could tell there was a bit of a current.  So our intial swim was going to be a but harder then expected but there were no problems as we finally arrived at the scar that leads to the deep drop off!  Visiblity was at least 150 feet, and water temps were still good for decompression!!

Overall it was a great dive…interested in becoming a Tec Diver…be sure to check our courses tab right here at the website!!

Busy Training Week

[singlepic=147,320,240,watermark,right]Last week was an outstanding week of training.  We did a double wreck/Nitrox and Drysuit courses, and what a blast it was!!  Weather was a little wet, but the visibility was amazing!!

Day One: Of training was done in Tuwanek Beach, getting the students comfortable diving in drysuits, which as anyone who dives one…takes a bit of getting use to.  On the first dive we simply slide down to the Slab of rock where our resident octopus lives.  Once we got our chance to look at our friend, we did the various skills required to certify in the drysuit.  Both students had no problems conducting the skills.  Dive two had us heading out and around the left island.  Overall the dives were amazing.

Day Two: Was spent out at 9 mile point enjoying some good old fun dives/Photo Dives, where Jeremy and I spent the day snapping pictures of all the amazing marine life in the area.

[singlepic=149,320,240,watermark,left]Day Three & Four: Wreck days….both students had very little problems with the first 3 of 4 dives on the wreck course…with dive 4 being the most challenging…with the big penetration they planned.  Even though there was a dropped reel…both students recoverred with little troubles…and had a very successful finish to an amazing week of diving!!

Interested in taking some diving course…be sure to check out Uw Explorers new Course tab…and get signed up for some training with us!!

9 Mile Fun Dive

[singlepic=124,320,240,watermark,left]Today was spent out on the charter with Steve.  With just the two of us on the boat it was a dream.  Suiting up was so simple, not need to rush, or lift 5 – 6 tanks, I simply got ready at the same time he did.  We were at 9 mile point, and I was in search of the illusive Northern Spearnose Poacher which I happened across the last time I was at 9 mile, but of course I did not have my camera with me.

Today however, I did not have any luck in finding this guy…though I did run into another Giant Pacific [singlepic=125,320,240,watermark,right]Octopus, which was two for me.  Though Jeremy and Andrew still hold the record of three octopus on one dive. I was also able to capture some pictures of a Tube dwelling anemone, and many decorator crabs.

Dive two had us down to Tuwanek Point, on the sail boat dive, where we lucked out and ran into a huge Lions Mane jelly fish, though I think it had seen better days, it was very impressive never the less.

Conditions today were a little overcast and light rain, the water temp has cooled off on the surface where it is down to 60 degrees, and the water temp at depth is in the 54 – 55 range.  The visibility was any where from 5 ft – to 60 ft depending what depth you are at.

Sharing the Chaud….

[singlepic=97,320,240,watermark,left]Sunday had me leading a dive charter with three divers, two from Vancouver, and one from Thunder Bay Ont. Our first dive was up at 9 mile point. I went to anchor in the little bay, and proceeded down the wall and around the corner. In about 40 feet of water, just near the point, I found a lovely Giant Pacific Octopus, in his/her den. Very beautiful. The rest of the dive was rather pale in comparison, though I did come across a big colony of Shaggy mouse Nudibrandts.

Dive two was spent on the HMCS CHAUDIERE, though I do dive it a lot, I never really get tired of it. On this occasion I was to be treated to a lovely experience…..I had an encounter with a young Harbor Seal. I was waiting at the bottom of the 70 foot line for the other divers to make it down, and there to my right this seal was sitting there looking at me, wondering why I was there. My friend stayed with me throughout the dive, it was really amazing!

Looking to dive the Chaud, be sure to visit Suncoast Diving to book your charter!!