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3 Pyramids

Stone Fish
Stone Fish, Scorpion Fish

UWE was out diving at the 3 Pyramids down in Los Barriles.  We headed in off the beach and there was a 2 foot surf, which was not very difficult to make it in.  Once in, we headed out till what looked like a 200 foot descent, and got read to head down.  Visibility close to shore was about 10 – 20 foot, but below the 30 foot mark things opened up to easily 60 ft plus.

Once we made our way down, we settled in and made our way down the rock pile until we made it to 80 feet or so, and we could easily see that there was another 20 foot or so until we would hit the sandy bottom.  As we did our cross crosses back and forth across the rock slide, Susanne eyed an beautiful and very very large stone fish!  Great find!!

Looking to go diving…this is an open water and above dive sit…just be careful heading in on the shore.

Drifting Diving @ Punta Perico

Will, Barb, Fafe and Piper
Will, Barb, Lafe and Piper

UWE was out helping Vista Sea Sports yesterday.  We headed down to Punta Perico for two back to back drift dives.  Overall the dive site is very interesting.  We entered the water in a quiet little cove and made our way Northerly, at a depth of around 60ft.  There was an abundant amount of tropical fish, which as always is very beautiful, but I was rather taken by the topography.  At first there was towering boulders which soon turned into rock statue type formations…with plenty of cracks and crevasses you can swim through.

As the dive proceeded, we can along to an area that looked alot like a lava run off.  It was almost like looking at an ant farm.  It was a great day out diving with Vista, and it was great meeting up with Will, Barb, Lafe and Piper!  I hope we get a chance to dive together again!!  Great time!

Oops…correction, I misspelled Lafe’s name, and it has been repaired….oops 🙁

Congratulations to our New Open Water Divers

Katie, Hahnah, Emma finishing their Open Water
Katie, Hahnah, Emma

UWE and Vista Sea Sports is excited to announce that Hahnah, Katie, and Emma, have successfully completed their training. Hahnah, and Katie completed the PADI Open Water Course while Emma completed her PADI Scuba Diver rating.

The training came fast a furious, and everyone did an awesome job. The academics went by in a breeze, with everyone completing their training with no problems. Then off to the pool which was split up over two days. We saw the normal little problems at comes with the numerous skills associated with the Open water training. Everyone was able to complete this portion with no problems. Day 3 and 4 had us out in the open water…with one day on the boat, which we discovered there some very unhappy tummies with the swells associated with boat diving, so day four had us down at the 3 Pyramids completing our training from the beach.

Well done to everyone!! I hope we are able to dive again some day soon!

Dive Charter Cabo Pulmo

Schooling FIsh
Schooling Fish

Uwe, went out as Dive Leader with Vista Sea Sports, while their lead instructor is off for a couple of months.  We had two customers, named Eric and Alex, a father and son duo from Arizona.  They are fresh off their AOW water course which they took back home.

Our first dive was on Islote, which means “Little Rocks”.  The dive went very well, which Alex finding a lovely Green Moray Eel, and there were some large Yellow Fins, Bluenose Parrot fish, and tons of other tropical fish.  The water temperature was in the 76 degree range though comfortable, had a bit of a chill to it.  On Dive two we headed too Los Morros del Norte which means “Boulders to the North”.  This dive was fantastic, with two or three huge schools off fish just hanging off the reef, a bullseye Ray, no less then 5 Moray Eels, and once again Alex say a Manta Ray.  Fantastic!!

Another great day out diving with Vista Sea Sports!