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Breaching Whale Cabo Pulmo
Taken by Dave and Dean

UWE was out once again helping out Vista Sea Sport, with a charter of 3 divers from California.  Tom, Scott and Cortlandt headed down to Cabo Pulmo for some great diving.  The weather was amazing with very calm seas.  Actually flat calm seas which is nice!!

Dive one had us down at Islote, this is easily one of my favourite dives in Cabo Pulmo.  Islote stands for Little Rock, and that is exactly what it is.  This rock that breaks the sruf to about 25 feet heigh.  We rolled in and headed down to circumnavigate the area.  We were treated to no less then 4 Green Moray Eels, a guitar ray, and numerous bright colorful tropical fish!

Dive two had us rolling in on El Bajo.  Todays dive was amazing…there were a large number of fish, rays and once again eels.  The reef is pretty short and narrow but it is certainly worth diving.

Not to be out done…we had some fabulous whale breaches before the dives and during the surface intervals.  I am not sure I will ever get use to seeing that.  It is simply amazing!  Just seeing the whales breaching is well worth the trip down to Cabo Pulmo

Down in the Baja, looking to do some diving, be sure to drop Mark and email at Vista Sea Sport.

Los Morros del Norte

Taken by KennyG
Guitar Ray

UWE was out diving with Vista Sea Sport again today, dive leading for Dave and Dean, another awesome day down in Cabo Pulmo.  Our first dive was at Los Morros del Norte, where we rolled in at the northern part of the reef and enjoyed a nice drift south.  As we descended in the 75 degree water we could tell the visibility was going to be a little short today, in around 30 feet and cloudy.  The normal sounds of open circuit scuba diving was replaced with the sounds of whales talk to one another, it was amazing to dive to.  There was plenty of schooling fish, an we came across a couple of nice guitar rays hiding in the crack and crevasses.

Dive two had us heading a little further south El Bajo de los Morros where en route we were entertained with a couple of whale encounters and a whale breaching which was just way to cool.

Breaching Whale Cabo Pulmo
Taken by Dave and Dean

The second dive went off with out a hitch though I  do not think it was good as the first one.  The land scape was lovely and there were many cracks and crevasses to swim through.  Once again there was many schools of tropical fish, the ever plentiful Balloon, and some very large groupers.  Overall it was a great dive out with Vista Sea Sport, as well Dave and Dean who were the guest divers on board the boats today! Great diving with you guys!!  We will be headed back out for another great day of diving tomorrow…so don’t miss out!!

Dive Charter Cabo Pulmo

Schooling FIsh
Schooling Fish

Uwe, went out as Dive Leader with Vista Sea Sports, while their lead instructor is off for a couple of months.  We had two customers, named Eric and Alex, a father and son duo from Arizona.  They are fresh off their AOW water course which they took back home.

Our first dive was on Islote, which means “Little Rocks”.  The dive went very well, which Alex finding a lovely Green Moray Eel, and there were some large Yellow Fins, Bluenose Parrot fish, and tons of other tropical fish.  The water temperature was in the 76 degree range though comfortable, had a bit of a chill to it.  On Dive two we headed too Los Morros del Norte which means “Boulders to the North”.  This dive was fantastic, with two or three huge schools off fish just hanging off the reef, a bullseye Ray, no less then 5 Moray Eels, and once again Alex say a Manta Ray.  Fantastic!!

Another great day out diving with Vista Sea Sports!

Cabo Pulmo Part 2

Uwe made it out again with Vista Sea Sport for another mazing dive day! Once again a big thank you to Simon for all of his hard work. I was put in with a group of 4 divers, for the day, and fantastic divers they were!! We rolled in for dive one, and it really was a strange feeling for me. In 60ft of water, I could see the bottom clear as a bell from the boat, so there was not that feeling of dropping into the unknown.

As we made our decent down, we could see the sand littered with Sting Rays, and there was a school of what I would call Eagle Rays swimming around us, though I think here in the Sea of Cortez they are referred to as Bat Rays. The visibility was easily in the 100 – 150 ft mark, water temps were in the low 80’s. It was an amazing day out on the water!

Cabo Pulmo

UW Explorers was out diving yesterday with Vista Sea Sports of Buena Vista just a couple of minutes out of Los Barriles.  I was picked up at the front gate of the RV Park by the boat captain for the days charter and brought into the Dive shop in order to get ready for the charter.

At the shop I met up with Simon, who quickly got everything that I would need together, weights, dunk tank, and made sure all of my paper work was in order.  Once the boat was launched we headed off to pick up the other guests for the day.  Anne, and Ken had dove with VSS before, by the way the briefings went, and that is when I found out that our day was going to be spent down in Cabo Pulmo’s Marine Park.  (Read More)

Dive one was at “Little Rock” an excellent dive site, where we were treated to many many types of reef fish, I got to see a large snapper though it did not work out so well on the video…and my favorites the Puffer Fish/Porcupine Fish.  I am not sure what it is that makes them so attractive to me…but if there was one, I saw 100 easily.  Have you ever seen Puffer’s schooling?  Well if you have not, then this is the place to come! I also lucked out and got three Moray Eel sightings, and 2 large lobsters.

Dive two was on the North reef, which was a drift dive.  Though filming can be difficult while drifting, the speed on todays drift was just perfect.  Once again we were treated to a Moray Eel sighting, which I was able to get some video time on. There was also a lot of schooling fish, puffers and Simon’s big find….two Sea Turtles.

All in all it was an excellent day out on the water.  I want to thank Vista Sea Sports and Simon for a great day!  If you are down in the Baja, and want to do some diving, then Vista Sea Sport is the place to be heading too!