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2 New PADI Advanced Open Water Divers

Shannon PADI AOW

Well done to Shannon and Sabrina for their successful completion of the PADI Advanced Open Water Course.  Shannon was the first one to book the course, and Sabrina was just out for a fun dive and a refresher, but she decided to continue with her training!!  Both students did an outstanding job in her training!!

Both students decided to do the Buoyancy, Navigation, Deep, Night, Digital

Sabrina PADI AOW

Photography dives.  Both students demonstrated early on that they had no difficulties at all in their skills.  Their buoyancy was good but did improve over their series of dives, and when it was time to do the Digital Photography dives they had no problems setting up and taking some great pictures.

During the night dive, both students had indicated they were a little nervous, but they met the challenge with no problems, and we were able to get a full 60 minute dive in and we were lucky and saw some cool critters.  Well done to both students!!


SSI Open Water Diver

Mikko SSI Open Water

Mikko came and found UWE and EcoSea Dive and decided he was wanting to do his Open Water training.  So off he went on down the training road to becoming a certified diver.  Mikko rose to the the challenge made short work of the day of academics which challenged him in the ares of Physics, Physiology and Buoyancy.  Well done Mikko, did an excellent job mate!!

Day two and three had Mikko out in the water working on his confined water skills, with skills such as mask clearing, regulator recovery, out of air drills, and buoyancy control.  Mikko demonstrated from early on he was a natural, and he certainly did excel in all areas of his training!! Once we hit the Open Water dives, he was simply one of the fun divers, as he was able to demonstrate excellent skills all the way through.  Well done to you Mikko, I hope you are out there diving like crazy buddy!!


New SSI AOW Diver here at EcoSea

Dale SSI AOW & 5 Specialties

UWE and EcoSea Dive are very excited to congratulate Dale on his successful completion of the SSI AOW program.  This program is a very intensive three days two nights of some of the most serious diving that can be found here in Cambodia.   Dale selected the 5 specialties, 8 dive training course.  He selected the Deep, Perfect Buoyancy, Navigation, Drift, Night & Limited Visibility courses.

Dale started off the day with his first taste of Advanced Navigation and buoyancy, and he meet the challenge head on and did a fabulous job at the dive.  We did low visibility navigation diving, and perfect buoyancy at the same time,  with his first two dives of day one.  That evening we headed out into the dark dark night and did a muck dive in the bay, where we were rewarded with a couple of octopus sightings, and some various night dwelling fish.

Day two had us out looking for a drift, and deep dive combination and much to our surprise we had no problems finding both.  Our first two dives where in 29  and 25 metres respectively, and Dale demonstrated excellent buoyancy as well as excellent air consumption which allowed us to exploit as much bottom time as possible.

Day 3 had us hitting the 40 metre patch just off the island of Koh Taz, this is one of the most inhospitable areas of Cambodia diving, visibility is zero and zero, high heavy currents, with zero things to see.  Not only was this the remaining deep test, but his low visibility test where Dale learned important skills that will allow him to be safe in these hostile conditions!!

Well Done DALE, excellent work mate!!!!!

New SSI Advanced Adventurer Diver

Edward SSI AA

UWE and EcoSea Dive are very excited to announce we have a New Advanced Adventure Diver.  Edward came to us to work on his Advanced course.

Day one had Edward in the classroom watching the various video’s and the work for the various knowledge reviews.  He had no problems getting all this work completed.

Day two and three had us out on the island where we did Perfect Buoyancy, Navigation, Deep, Photo and Drift diving.  Edward had no problems completing all of his training. Well done, and we hope you enjoy your diving!!

Best of luck!

A New SSI Stress & Rescue Diver


UWE and EcoSea Dive are very excited to congratulate Jarred for completing his SSI Stress & Rescue Course with us.  Well Done to Jarred!!

Day o1 was in the class room going over the Stress & Rescue video and all of the various knowledge reviews.  Then we discussed how we were going to conduct the program!  Jarred was a natural, and had little trouble with any of the knowledge reviews, and as I suspected when he made it to the water he was a natural all the way around.

Day 02 had us head off into the confined water skills, and Jarred did an excellent job, having very little trouble on any of the things that he needed to do.  Though, there was a bit of an issue completing the  timing count….which is a bit of a mouth full for all students.

Day 3, had the open water scenarios going on and Jarred got the count working for him and did an amazing job with the in water rescues.

Well done to all who assisted and took part in his training!!

2 New Advanced Adventurers!!


UWE and EcoSea Dive are very excited to announce we have two new SSI Advanced Adventure Divers.  Ed and Ida came to us wanting to complete their course.  So into the classroom we went.  Unlike many, UWE shows all the movies and do all the knowledge reviews for the Advanced dives as if you were doing the full specialty.  We feel more information is better then less!!

Ida and Ed decided they wanted to do the Deep, Navigation, U/W Photography, Perfect Performance Buoyancy and the Night & Low Visibility dives.  It was

Ed SSI Advanced Adventure

nice seeing both students improving their diving technics as well as becoming more and more confident.

During the night dive, we were treated to a beautiful show from two different Octopi and one cuttle fish.  I have to saw their were big big smiles at the end of that dive.

Well done to both students!! Safe travels!