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Deco Procedures : Sechelt

[singlepic=136,320,240,watermark,left] UWE started up another Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures course on the 9th of Sept.  Neil and Mike came up from Vancouver to work on this course, so we had two very full days of training.  We were able to tackle the academic work for the two courses…plus touch on some of the work on the DSAT Gas Blender course.

Tuesday was spent working out equipment for configuration, once that was completed it was out to Tuwanek[singlepic=138,320,240,watermark,right] for 2 skills dives.  S Drills, V drills, donning and doffing stage cylinders, with and without masks, and don’t forget bag drills and SAC rate calculations.  It was close to 7 pm when we were leaving Tuwanek…on the way back to Suncoast Diving, for some gas mixing and more knowledge reviews.

Wednesday morning was spent completing the remainder of knowldege reviews, analyizing gas, and prepping the boat.  We were out on to the water for 12, and off to Tuwanek point, where the first dive of the day had us on an extended range gas switching no decompression dive.  The main purpose of this dive is to utilize the [singlepic=139,320,240,watermark,left] NOTOX switch as well as introducing the second stage bottle.  Finally, we dropped in for a 30 minutes skills dive, with surprise skills, S Drills, V Drills…and donning and doffing of stage cylinders!!

Overall this was an excellent 2 days of training, Neil and Mike completed the Advanced Nitrox section of their trianing…now we just need to do some decompression dives!! Stay Tuned!!

Dive 5 to HMCS Chaudiere

[singlepic=100,320,240,watermark,left]Jeremy was out on his first full Decompression dive on Saturday, and he did an awesome job!  The dive has been in the planning stages for a good three weeks, but getting the stars aligned, and the moon right took some times and everyones schedules had to work out…so this Saturday it was….and off we went.

With the dive plan made, gas analyzed, we were out on the water by noon, and some 25 minutes later we were tying up to the mooring buoys on the Chaudiere.  We went over the dive briefing one more time, decompression tables set up…and we started to gear up.  Once everything was in place we did our roll in, slung our decompression bottles….took a second or two to catch our breaths….it was time…ready, lets go![singlepic=105,320,240,watermark,right]

We descended down the line and once at the 60 foot mark we staged our first deco bottle….and the second bottle was dropped at the 75 foot mark.  Everything was set, so off the boat we went and dropped down under the ship in to the 146 – 150 foot mark, much to my surprise there was a lot of vegetation there with tons of prawns jumping around.  We puttered around at depth, got comfortable….and set up for our first penetration.

At minute 8 we slide up to the first cut out on the port side and slowly made our way up into what can only be 1 mess.  To our right is the doorway that takes you on to Burma Road or 3 deck, with a quick descent [singlepic=109,320,240,watermark,left]into the Forwards crew heads….and back down and out the cut out back into 130 feet of water.  Another 20 minutes or so of exploration followed with two more penetrations for the fun of it.

We found ourself about 2 minutes behind on the Deco schedule, though thankfully our computers cleared with plenty of time and gas remaining.  All went well!!

Jeremy has one more dive left and he is going to be a full fledged rookie Tec Diver!!

Busy Week Training

[singlepic=104,320,240,watermark,left]Another busy week has passed with many different course going on. Jeremy and Bruno were completing Dive 3 + 4 of the Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures course. Congratulations to Jeremy for completing his Advanced Nitrox!!! The training dives were conducted out at Tuwanek Point and then Tuwanek Island Left.

The first dive was all skills, though challenging both students did a fantastic job. The skills completed were V drills, S Drills (No mask), Donning and Doffing of cylinders with and without mask. Lift bag deployment, and then actual decompression stops…and NOTOX switches.[singlepic=102,320,240,watermark,right]

The next training dive was more of an exploration, with another S drill and full v drills. Knowing how dry skills can be…it is so important to ensure that the drills become second nature in the event there is an equipment failure.

Jeremy’s next dive is going to be a decompression dive on the HMCS CHAUDIERE. I am so looking forward to the one.

[singlepic=103,320,240,watermark,left]Interested in doing some training….there is a Wreck Course starting on Friday, the 8th of Aug…with one more seat available…or you interested in doing some Technical Dive Training….be sure to visit Suncoast Diving for more information.

Advanced Nitrox/Decomprocdures for Bruno

[singlepic=57,320,240,watermark,left]Today was the first day for the Advanced Nitrox/Decoprocedures course, after a morning full of academics and gear set up, it was off to Tuwanek for a skills dive!

Dive One of this course has a pretty steep learning curve, not only does the student have to get use to the idea of diving on the doubles, but then introduce the stage bottle, V drills, S drills, donning and doffing of bottles, and the SAC swim. Bruno did an excellent job!!

Tec Training in Sechelt Inlet

[singlepic=101,320,240,watermark,left]Jeremy completed dive two of is his Advanced Nitrox and Decompressions Procedures course. We made our way to the sail boat at Tuwanek point as the start point for the dive.

The dive plan was to use 34% Nitrox in the doubles as our back gas, and then do a NOTOX gas switch to the second gas we hand in our stage bottles. That mix as 50% Nitrox, so our planned change at 50fsw, would allow us to stay there as long as the gas lasted, without any concerns for the no decompression limit.

The first level of our dive as around 97 fsw for 30 minutes…then a slow ascent to the 50 fsw level in order to make our gas switch. Once at the level we continued with our swim, and at approximately the 50 minute point in the dive Jeremy popped a lift bag for our ascent to the surface. At this point we did some share air[singlepic=98,320,240,watermark,right] drills, and gas shut down drills for practice. Overall Jeremy did an amazing job!!

Stay tuned for the story on dive 3…and if you are interested in Technical Training, be sure to contact Suncoast Diving and hurry and get signed up for our next course!

Decompressions Course Complete

[singlepic=61,320,240,watermark,left]Yesterday had us out at the Power Lines in the Sechelt Inlet to complete Vassili’s Deco course. The dive plan was for 150 for 20 minutes. Everything went off without a hitch and what an amazing dive we had!! The Glass Sponges were huge in the 150 to 190 foot range, with visibility being close to 100 feet.

So, six dives later, and Vassili has completed his Tec Intro training!! Well done….who will be next? Interested in training in Tec Diving, be sure to contact me through here, or at Suncoast Diving.