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Congratulations to more Open Waters

Karen & Clive

UWE is once again very excited to announce that we have two more successful open water divers.  Clive and Karen have come to us from far away UK and decided they would like to be PADI Open Water divers.  Their training came fast and furious, where they easily challenged all of the academics and completed it in record time.  Well done.

Day two had us in the water doing all of their confined water skills as well as one Open Water dive.  Once again they were up for the challenge.  We had a small hiccup early on but with much determination we were able to get everything completed.  Though a tiring day it was very rewards.

Day 3 was the most challenging of all, heavy whether, sea sickness, three training dives, oh yes and moving about 20 50 kg bags of sand…and we were finally out on the dive sites.  The first dive of the day was a little challenging as there was a current, nervousness and some concern about being up to the task….but I great big well done to Karen, who was able to over come and complete all of the dives and skills that were required.

Once again congratulations to Clive and Karen.

Congratulations to the New Open Water Divers…

Mr. Lee

Uwe is excited to announce that we have two new Open Water divers.  Mr Lee and Mr Lim have successfully completed all the requirements to become a PADI Open Water Scuba Diver.

We went hard at the training, with plenty to cover in a relatively short amount of time.  We were able to complete Confined Water dives 1 – 3 and Openwater 1 on the first day, and then Confined 4 & 5 on day two with Openwater Dives 2 – 4. It was a staggering amount of work, but both students were up to the task.

Mr Lee and Mr Lim did there OpenWater dives on the dive sites called Back Door and Corner Bar, the diving there right now is amazing…lots of life, and some fantastic encounters with some excellent new coral.

Mr Lim

Visibility has been excellent, and there has been tons of marine life out for all to enjoy…rumor has it there was a count of 32 Bat fish….so what are you waiting for…get out and get diving!!

Dive with EcoSea

Uwe has been out diving with EcoSea Diving here in Cambodia, and would like to say that they are a very professional Dive Center.  Everyone of their staff try  very hard to ensure you have a rewarding experience diving in Cambodia.

EcoSea have plenty of great dive sites up their sleeves to help their customers have a great dive.  Visibility  right now has been amazing and in the 15 – 18 meter range…lots of fish, and many many coral heads.  if you find your self in Cambodia be sure to look up EcoSea, you will not be disappointed I am sure!!

New Open Water Diver

Duncan F.

UWE is happy to announce that Duncan F. from the UK has successfully completed his PADI Openwater course.  Duncan joined us for three days and spent a night out on the island.  He certainly did a fantastic job with his training.  I completed dive 2 – 4 with him and then was able to certify him.

We dived on Back Door and Corner Bar, his training went in conjunction with Louise while we did some of her Rescue Course.  Duncan did an awesome job with his training.  I hope he comes back and dives with us again soon!

Interested in taking a course, be sure to email and save your spot.