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Deep Extended Range

Everything ready to go
Enough Bottles

UWE and Ocean Quest are excited to announce we have three new Deep Extended Range Divers.  Roland, Mike and Travis completed an intensive three days of training.  First was the new dive theory that you learn in the classroom.  This is the PADI Deep course on steroids.  We cover the normal deep knowledge development but then we go in depth in your SAC rate calculation, Deep Stops, as well as the importance of Awareness and advanced Propulsion techniques such as the modified Frog kick, helicopter turns and then of course the reverse fining.

We completed this section with video’s and of course some white board work.  From there we went into Stage Bottle Set up, NOTX switches and then we took our time and calculated and Extended Range dive using Enriched air and doing exact gas calculations to ensure we had the proper amount of gas with us, we calculated our turn pressure, rock bottom and then our advanced safety stop techniques.  During this course it is important that we utilize Deep stops, and then we do a minimum 6 – 8 safety stop in order to make sure we have off gassed enough Nitrogen in order to exit the water safely.

Multiple Cylinders in Sidemount
Sidemount configuration

Saturday was the first day in the water, and the first occasion that the students had the opportunity to dive with stage bottles.  In the Deep Extended Range course it’s important to know proper configuration in order to ensure we have enough safety gas available just in case there is failure.  Once under the water we worked on fining techniques, and then we did a SAC swim so everyone could get enough data to calculate their gas requirements.  We did bag drills where the diver needs to successfully launch their SMB, but also maintain their current depth and position, once again Awareness is front and center in this kind of training.  Once the Bags were deployed we did our first stops at 30 feet, where the students needed to do the correct NOTOX Switch to their safety cylinder and ensure that a proper switch was completed.

Dive two on the Saturday we did our descent to 100 feet, and did the skills needed in dive two of the PADI Deep course, and then with the ascent we did deep stops, and out of air and share air drills in the 20 foot level, once again ensuring our Awareness was not affected.  Well done for Day one of the Deep Extended Course!

Gas Mixture analysis
Roland confirming his Gas Mixture

Day two, we all met at Ocean Quest in order to analysis our gases, on this day we would be diving on 30% Enriched Air for the bottom gas, and our stage bottles would have 40 Enriched Air for our second level and gas switch.  Everyone did an awesome job confirming their gas and then planning the dive.  The plan was to descend down to 120 feet, and spend approximately 11 minutes at depth then ascent to 60 ft and do a gas switch to the 40% cylinder.  This effectively gave us about 60 minutes of allowable No Decompression Limit

Congratulations to Everyone
Congratulations to Everyone

once to conducted our gas switch.  Our plan was to be at the safety stop with 2000 psi left in the stage bottle and then do our extended safety stop on the back gas.

The dive plan though what seemed complicated was executed perfectly.  We conducted one more dive at Tuwanek, and on completion Ocean Quest had 3 new Deep Extended Range divers!! Well done guys!!

HMCS Chaudiere Dive

Greg exiting the HMCS Chaudiere using Sidemout
Greg exiting the HMCS Chaudiere using Sidemout

UWE and Ocean Quest Dive Center, was out completing Capilano University Professional Dive Instructors Program MSDT training, and today happened to be PADI Wreck Instructor certification and we had the joy of diving on the HMCS Chaudiere.  I cut my teeth on this ship as a young Ordinary Seaman back in 1987 while doing my Seamanship training when I first joined the NAVY.  The HMCS Chaudiere was then a Fleet Training ship that was all but decommissioned, not setting to sea but jetty bound.

She was later used to replace the bow on the HMCS Kootenay after she hit a merchant ship in the fog back in the summer of 1989.  Both ships being of the same class was a perfect fit, but for all of those who have been to the box of the HMCS Chaudiere will agree her bow is flat and not the normal sharp point we all know.  Interesting fact!!

The HMCS Chaudiere was sunk in the on the 5th of Dec 1992, and she is resting on her port side.  Having dived the ship on many occasions, I noticed today how much deterioration there is, having completed a couple of penetrations, I have now realized it is getting more and more dangerous to enter her, even with all the proper training.  Though still an amazing dive there are many areas that should not be attempted.

Fwd Heads and Wash place: HMCS Chaudiere
Fwd Heads and Wash place: HMCS Chaudiere

The Capilano students practiced their penetration points on the starboard side entering at the Wardroom, and the exit being back near the Communication Control Room.  This is about a 50 foot swim, very open and an excellent and still safe training point for this portion of the Instructor course and the diver level alike.

Interested Wreck training, or maybe joining the Capilano University Professional Dive Instructor Program, contact Ocean Quest Dive Center for more information, or I can help you as well.  Interested in diving the HMCS Chaudiere, let me know and we can get something arranged!

Sidemount Diver

Latest Sidemount Course
Latest Sidemount Course

UWE and Ocean Quest are very excited to announce we have more Recreational Sidemount Divers.  Ocean Quest conducted a pool try Sidemount event on the first of March, this was a huge success….everyone involved seemed to have a great time!!

We started a Sidemount Diver course on the 11th of March, with a full class of 4 people.  Everyone did very well in the classroom, quickly figuring out the new procedures and gear set up!!  We went off to the pool on the Saturday where we did all the various skills and drills, so we could ensure everyone had a good understanding of the dive skills.  Sunday had us out in the ocean where the conditions were very challenging with some very bad visibility, cold temperatures and choppy seas!! Overall every did a great job!!

Everyone seems to ask why pay a little more with us, and I have to say, having seen many of the Sidemount Divers whom kind of self teach how to dive this rig, seem to have so much more trouble.  Having been trained by Jeff Loflen, we learned how to dive sidemount, but also how to teach the sidemount diver course…which is what you truely want.  You want the instructor that knows how to teach the course, especially the ones that were trained by the creator of the course

Don’t miss out everyone, we have another Sidemount Diver course running in April….sign up now!!!!

Sea Dragon Charters

Sea Dragon Charter
Sea Dragon Charter

UWE and Ocean Quest Dive centre went out on Sea Dragon Charters today and had an amazing time!  We had a total of 16 people, and Ocean Quest had the boat to ourselves.  We were out to have our Divemasters train for leading dives from a boat.  Overall everyone did a great job.  I am pretty sure everyone learned something new, specifically how to keep groups together.

As always Jan and Kevin from Sea Dragon Charters did a fantastic job, with very professional work on the ocean.  We dived the Canyons, and another great wall dive with some spectacular live.  Visibility was kind of short, but it was still great diving!  We want to congratulate Scott for completing is Peak Performance Buoyancy class.

If you are interested in going out diving let us know, as you certainly can not go wrong diving with Sea Dragon Charters!

Sidemount Training

Sidemount Pool Training
Sidemount Pool Training

UWE and Ocean Quest are working on a private Sidemount training session with two students.  Yesterday, the students were in the pool and being put through their paces in their sidemount training.

First things first, learning the correct way in which to wear dual bottles in the sidemount configuration, from there we went into advanced fining techniques, and learning how to hover properly in pace.  Then things got interesting with lost regulator, valve shut down drills, S drills, and my favourite, swinging the bottles forward and swimming in this set up.

The learning curve was steep, but everyone did a great job, though some of the skills needed to be repeated, everyone made the cut and are headed to the ocean next.  Be sure to stop back in a couple of days and see how everyone made out in the ocean.

PADI Deep Diver

Vincent W. NITROX Deep diver

UWE and Ocean Quest dive centre is very excited to announce the completion of the PADI Deep Diver course for Vincent.  Vincent came all the way from Kamloops to train with us. Overall Vincent did a great job with his PADI Deep Diver training.

At the start he had some problems with his buoyancy, but with continued hard work, he was able to over come his difficulties. Vincent also completed his PDAI NITROX course while he was here, once again Vincent did an amazing job. Well done big guy!!