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Egmont 2013
Egmont 2013

UWE and Ocean Quest headed off to Porpoise Bay Charters in Egmont and spent the weekend doing some of the best dives in all of British Columbia.  This is the first opportunity I have had to spend the weekend with Kal and Ann, and I have to say it was an amazing weekend!!  The diving was great as always, but I was very impressed with the with the amazing way in which Kal and Ann took care of us.  Kal certainly knows the dive sites, and conditions and I like the fact that he is conservative and I have to say I received some of the best dive site briefings every.  Current direction and which shoulder to keep the topography on, the rest was my diving experience.

Diver with Giant Pacific Octopus
Diver with Giant Pacific Octopus

I have dived in this area many times, though it’s been some time.  The sites that Kal brought us to were abundant with life.  We were treated to a free swimming Giant Pacific Octopus, which is easily one of my favourite marine life we can find in our area.  This little guy was out swimming in about 70 feet of water.  I ran into him at about 90 feet and he was thinking of heading deeper though he put on a little show for us.  Great stuff!!

Thank you to everyone for a great weekend, Stuart, Jim, Lisa, Mike, Travis and Amy, and of course Kal and Ann…great time, and great friends!  When is it time for our next trip!!

Thailand & Cambodia

Dive Thailand

UWE were brought in as guest speakers and East Cape RV park to give a presentation about our time in Thailand and Cambodia.  Overall I think things went very well.  We made a movie of the pictures that we took while working in South East Asia.

We spent the last week going over all the the pictures we had from our time there, and tried to enter then in an order that would tell a story of our time spent there.  The one thing we realized while making this presentation up was exactly how much we miss being there.  We loved our time in Thailand and Cambodia so much, that is felt like our home.  The people we met and worked with were so wonderful,  the locals very friendly, understanding and welcoming…that we wonder why we left in the first place.

Thank you to East Cape RV for asking us to give the presentation!!