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Whites Fusion Thermals

UWE has been doing some gear trials and we have been trialing the Whites Fusion Thermals.  These thermals have easily scored a stunning 9 out of 10.  After about 15 dives on these thermals, it is easily the warmest thermals we have ever used.  These have been trialed along side the BARE T100’s, Weasels, and the new 4th Elements Halo’s.

The BARE thermals did not even show up to the game and were blown out of the water after the first dive.  The Weasels and the 4th Elements did a great job with warmth, but mobility was reduced a fair amount compared to the Fusions. Here is a video showing the Fusions.

New Drysuit Divers

[singlepic id=233 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]UWE would like to extend a big congratulations to Jason and Jak for there successful completion of the PADI Drysuit course.   Both students made their way to the Sunshine Coast wanting to do some diving, and decided due to the winter conditions that they would do their Drysuit course.  We were a little concerned whether we would have a Drysuit in Jaks size as he is around 6’3″ tall, and though certainly not the tallest diver, but certainly he is up there.

Needless to say, we go the suit fitting completed, and got hard at it doing the videos, Knowledge reviews.  It was finally time to [singlepic id=232 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]get in the water and get to the diving.  On dive one, we discovered that visibility is about 5 foot, and it remains that short all the way down to around 35 – 40 foot where it finally opens up to about 20 -25 feet.

Both students had no problems completing their drysuit dive skills!!  Well done!! Interested in Diving?  Want to do some dive trianing, be sure to visit our course tabs, or go to Suncoast Diving for more information.

Busy Training Week

[singlepic=147,320,240,watermark,right]Last week was an outstanding week of training.  We did a double wreck/Nitrox and Drysuit courses, and what a blast it was!!  Weather was a little wet, but the visibility was amazing!!

Day One: Of training was done in Tuwanek Beach, getting the students comfortable diving in drysuits, which as anyone who dives one…takes a bit of getting use to.  On the first dive we simply slide down to the Slab of rock where our resident octopus lives.  Once we got our chance to look at our friend, we did the various skills required to certify in the drysuit.  Both students had no problems conducting the skills.  Dive two had us heading out and around the left island.  Overall the dives were amazing.

Day Two: Was spent out at 9 mile point enjoying some good old fun dives/Photo Dives, where Jeremy and I spent the day snapping pictures of all the amazing marine life in the area.

[singlepic=149,320,240,watermark,left]Day Three & Four: Wreck days….both students had very little problems with the first 3 of 4 dives on the wreck course…with dive 4 being the most challenging…with the big penetration they planned.  Even though there was a dropped reel…both students recoverred with little troubles…and had a very successful finish to an amazing week of diving!!

Interested in taking some diving course…be sure to check out Uw Explorers new Course tab…and get signed up for some training with us!!

Dive Training

Hard at work

This weekend was spent training, and boy did we do a lot of that!! Saturday had us conducting a Drysuit course, with three students. We did the skills dive out in Coopers Green. The students did a great job getting through the skills, and staying together in the not so stellar visibility. Once completed, we all headed back tot he shop where, we completed the knowledge reviews, and then prepared for the next days training in NITROX.

Sunday had a full boat headed out to 9 mile point and the HMCS Chaudiere. We were doing a Nitrox, Advanced Nitrox and Decompressions procedures course. So, the Nitrox group teamed up with the Tec guys doing there training. Nine mile point was a good dive, visibility was much better but still at depth. Dive two on Sunday had us on the wreck, and on this occasion we did the dive towards the stern. I was amazed on how much more life there was on the wreck this year. We stayed up the wreck as we headed aft, and then along the keel until about mid ships where we brought one of the NITROX Divers up to the 70 foot ascent line and headed back down to the bridge, and a nice swim through through the bridge, ops room and then through the sonar control room.

It was another great day Scuba Diving and training with Suncoast Diving.