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Rescue, EFR and O2 Provider

Jan 2013 Rescue Class
Jan 2013 Rescue Class

UWE and Ocean Quest Dive centre have 5 new Rescue Divers.  Lisa, Roland, Travis, Mike and V|ivienne just completed their Rescue, EFR and O2 Provider courses this weekend past.  Well done to everyone.  The Course started on the 15 the of Jan.  We started off with two classroom nights, where we reviewed the knowledge reviews.  The third night we were working on the EFR course, and the O2 Provider.

The ocean phase, we a long couple of days with such a large class, and water temps

Primary Assessment
Primary Assessment

were about 3 degrees so it was a challenging day of training.  We started the Ocean day learning how to do self rescue and how to keep our selves safe in the event there was something that was going wrong while in the water.  From there, we practiced response from ashore, panicked diver and tired diver.   My personal favourite is the missing diver so I get to see the students use of compass.  Everyone by the way went well!!

O2 Providers!
O2 Providers!

On the second Ocean day, I got to see the students using the skills they learned from the EFR course.  Once we got the casualty to the beach everyone successfully started CPR and and then they deployed Oxygen.  I heard many of the students say that it was a lot more difficult then they thought it would was going to be.

Well done, to all our students.  Everyone showed up ready to play and did an excellent job completing their Rescue, EFR and O2 Provider course.  Next step is the Dive Master course, looking forward to seeing you out there.

New PADI Master Scuba Diver!

Nathan M. Drysuit, EFR/O2, Rescue, Deep, Equipment & Master Scuba Diver

Uwe is very excited to say Congratulations to Nathan for his hard work and great support to us.  He came in one day simply looking for a PADI Drysuit course, and about three weeks later he walked out with a new Drysuit, fins, thermals, and a few other items to numerous to list, that and he had completed the Drysuit Course, EFR, O2 Provider, Rescue, Deep, Gear Maintenance, and the sought after Master Scuba Diver rating that PADI offers only those special few!

Nathan, was working a busy schedule so much of our training was conducted in the early mornings, in and around 6am, where he would meet me at Whytecliff park so we could get the required dives completed.  He too a bit of a warm water diver, and yes you have it Southeast Asia, we hit it off right away.  Nathan quickly adapted to the colder waters and he should excellent diving skills in the way he adapted to the new environment and new equipment. 

With the Drysuit course under his belt we went into the classroom and was able to complete the EFR and O2 Provider course, in preparation to completing his Rescue course and the numerous knowledge reviews that are in this course.  Nathan was equal to the challenge and we quickly dispensed with the the paper work and it was off to two days in the ocean where we did the confined skills and then the open water scenarios that are required for this course.

Now one would think he would have had enough of me by this point, but nope he went and did the PADI Deep Diver course, were there are four dives that gives the diver experience to the 130ft mark.  Nathan and I started off slowly and made our way down to the 130ft mark where you could see how much he had learned over the weeks of diving together!

I had to find one more specialty course for Nathan so we could get PADI to award him the Master Scuba Diver rating, so of course it would be the Equipment course.  This course was done free of charge, I mean with all the gear and training he had done with me, it was only fair that I give something back, and this was the course we had decided on.  With this course being completed we were able to complete what was required to get him the rating he was looking for!  Great work Mate!!

I hear Nathan is currently in Dallas working on his DiveMaster Course, good luck buddy….I hope we get to dive together again!!


We Have A New Rescue & EFR Diver

Louise N

UWE is excited to announce we have a new EFR and Rescue Diver!! Louise from Denmark was here and wanted to do her training, so before she got a chance to change her mind we had a book in her hand and a video on the tv.  Overall her course was done over 4 days, one in the classroom where she worked through until easily 20:00 doing her training.

The next morning had Louise out in the ocean doing the confined water rescue skills, where she showed she was a natural not only as a Rescue Dive Student but as a diver.  Her buoyancy was excellent, as well as her air consumption.  Day three and four had her working towards completing her Open water scenarios, where she was ready to react to whatever emergency that may happen.

We all had a great four days, and very pleased that she decided to train with us!!  Great time Louise!!

Congrates to our new Emergency First Responders

Danny S. & Steve L.

UWE would like to congratulated Dan S and Steve L for successfully completing the EFR O2 Providers course that was given at DiveSafe International.  Danny and Steve showed up and worked hard to complete the new program.  EFR has just been accepted in industry fro Canada, so be sure to check back and see how the new accreditations work for this program.

Need to complete a First Aid or O2 Providers course be sure to contact us or DiveSafe to ensure your seat is reserved.  Our next course is scheduled for the first week of August.