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Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer Certification

Emergency First Response Course Vancouver

UWE is very excited to announce that we have just successfully completed the Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer Certification.  What does that mean? Well that means if you are interested in becoming and Emergency Response Instructor, then you can come to us for the training course.  I have been teaching first aid, cpr for almost 20 years now.  Now I am able to teach not only the First Aid Program but the Instructor program.

Teaching First Aid, CPR and AED is such a rewarding thing as you know these are skills for life.  Everyone should know, that even though this website is all about scuba diving, the Emergency First Response Program is all about First Aid on the land, though we can tailor the program to encompass some things that divers need as well.

Kid, Parents, Grand Parents, everyone should know how to do basic first aid, and CPR….its way to late to start learning when there is an Emergency!  If you are interested, come out and sign up.  These programs can be taught in our classroom or at you home or business. Be sure to….


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DEMA Las Vegas

Scuba Diving DEMA Vancouver

UWE headed down to DEMA Las Vegas this year to investigate all of the new cutting edge dive gear coming out on the market.  I must admit, I have been very impressed with DEMA Las Vegas, even though I am a first timer, I learned so much.  I never realized there are so many different gear suppliers.  One of my personal favourites was the Hollis, Oceanic display.  I had an opportunity again to chat with Jeff and Kevin, and too see some of the new Hollis gear coming our way.

I also attended the Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer course, as well as the IDC Staff Instructor update.  Very cool, and great work by PADI having a wet session this year.  I learned so much, from not only the PADI staff, but the interaction with all PDF the other instructors that were present.

Looking for something new, hit DEMA, or come and take your First Aid Instructor Course with UWE!!