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Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest

Northern Ronquil, Kelvins Grove
Northern Ronquil, Kelvins Grove

UWE is very excited to announce that the Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest section is once again in the process of being up dated with new images and information being added.   We have updated the Fish Section with the addition of some new Black Eyed Goby pictures, along with the Northern Ranquil and some updated images of the Rock fish (Copper to be more accurate).

We also added the Worm section as well as the Crab section, where we have added some pictures of the various images of the Northern Crab, Alaskan Hermit Crab, and we are in the process of adding some of the various worm pictures we have taken along with the information we have researched.

Be sure to stop in and check out the sections…let us know how we are making out!!


Marine Life of the Sea Cortez

Taken by KennyG
Bulls-eye Electric Ray

UWE has added the Ray & Skate section to the Marine Life of the Sea of Cortez.  In this section currently has about 15 – 25 secs of footage of a Bulls-eyed Electric Ray.  The footage is very clear and we got up close so you could see the markings of this magnificent animal.  We will be adding more footage of rays, as well as some Green Moray eel footage over the next couple of days so be sure to stop back and check it out!!

The latest footage is also available for download here :  Bulls-eye Electric Ray (650)