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Foundations of Diving

Foundations of Diving Class Jan 2014
Foundations of Diving Class Jan 2014

UWE and Ocean Quest are really excited to announce with for four new Foundations of Diving divers.  Mark, Young, Carter and Sean joined in on the Foundations of Diving Course on the 7th of Jan.  The class covers a lot of Product knowledge, with various gear and methods for using said gear.  There are so many things out on the market how are new divers to know what is a good configuration compared to a poor one.  We also introduced the importance or well the reason for diving with the Long Hose configuration, which is really more about safety.  With the 7 foot long hose configuration, if you have any out of air diver, you put them on the long hose and get the afflicted diver away from you, and moving to safety.

On day two of the Foundations of Diving course, we went into the pool and practiced advanced propulsion, buoyancy, trim, awareness, no mask skills, out of air practice on long hose, as well as the SMB deployment and safety stop procedures.  During the ocean phase, we practiced all of the pool skills in the Ocean, with team diving practice.  With four dives, each of the students of the Foundations of Diving course got a lot of practice with all skills.  Everyone though found the early dives very challenging, they were able to make the standard, and learned a lot of valuable skills.

Well done to everyone, if you are interested in taking the Foundations of Diving course, please let use know.