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Sechelt Inlet Diving

[singlepic=67,320,240,watermark,left]The past week has been a busy week in the Sechelt Inlet. UW Explorers spent Tuesday doing a deep decompression dive on the Power Lines at 150 feet. We made our way down into the Big Chimney Sponges. The visibility was not bad but still pretty murky in the 25 – surface water column.

Thursday had us out in Coopers Green, and completed Julie’s Open Water course through SDI. The day was good, and the weather certainly improving as the week went along. The water is about 2 degree’s cooler then[singlepic=69,320,240,watermark,right] the inlet, and the visibility is pretty murky to almost 40 feet, and very dark. Overall it was another good day of diving, and a big congratulations to Julie for completing her Openwater course!

Friday we were out on the boat conducting some fun diving with a couple of customers. The visibility was amazing with easily 100 foot. The first dive was at Half Island, and the marine life was in great abundance, and we lucked out with an encounter with a small octopus. Dive two was out at Tuwanek Point, and once again the visibility was amazing. From the surface, I was able to see the small sailing boat at 30 feet. As we descended I knew we were in for a great dive. The nudi’s were in great numbers, lots of crabs and various other fish.

[singlepic=68,320,240,watermark,left]Today was spent diving with the Sunshine Coast Dive Club, and once again we were out to the right island in Tuwanek. Overall the dive was great at 51 minutes. There was a good surface current to deal with, but the vis was amazing, and it was another great dive!!

May Long Weekend

[singlepic=51,320,240,watermark,left]The May long weekend was a long one for sure for Suncoast Diving and Uw Explorers. Friday we spent the day out on the inlet, with 4 Marine Biologists doing a collection of various types of Sea Weeds etc. So Sam and I stayed dry and made sure that everyone had not difficulties with dressing and getting into the water to get there specimens.

Saturday we were back on the water for another day with the Marine Biologists and two fun divers. Dive one was on the Power Lines and from all accounts things were fantastic. So, suspect that is where we will be doing Vas’s last Decompression Training dive.

Sunday, was a tad bit slower with two fun divers, and just one dive on the HMCS Chaudiere. All in all it was a great weekend…lots of great sun, good diving, and time on the boat!!

Dive Training

Hard at work

This weekend was spent training, and boy did we do a lot of that!! Saturday had us conducting a Drysuit course, with three students. We did the skills dive out in Coopers Green. The students did a great job getting through the skills, and staying together in the not so stellar visibility. Once completed, we all headed back tot he shop where, we completed the knowledge reviews, and then prepared for the next days training in NITROX.

Sunday had a full boat headed out to 9 mile point and the HMCS Chaudiere. We were doing a Nitrox, Advanced Nitrox and Decompressions procedures course. So, the Nitrox group teamed up with the Tec guys doing there training. Nine mile point was a good dive, visibility was much better but still at depth. Dive two on Sunday had us on the wreck, and on this occasion we did the dive towards the stern. I was amazed on how much more life there was on the wreck this year. We stayed up the wreck as we headed aft, and then along the keel until about mid ships where we brought one of the NITROX Divers up to the 70 foot ascent line and headed back down to the bridge, and a nice swim through through the bridge, ops room and then through the sonar control room.

It was another great day Scuba Diving and training with Suncoast Diving.

Explorer Dive 2

img_1130_sm.jpgFriday had our second Explorer trip head out the inlet towards Salmon inlet where we were hoping to dive Great Bear Bluff. So, the guys met at the dive shop for 08:30, set up and loaded the boat and we were headed out to the boat launch by a little after 9.

As we headed up the inlet, we came upon a boat that was in distress,Towex        with engineering problems, so we came along side and brought them under tow, and about 1 or so later we were back where we had started out, but the boat was back at the dock and everyone was in good condition though cold.

So, out we went again, but ended up having to drop our explorer dive and just do a dive on the Tuwanek Abyss. All and all it was a good day!!

Gambier Island Diving

Gambier IslandThursday had us diving up in Howe Sound off the coast of Gambier Island. Visibility was easily 30 – 40 meters, though cold! Water temp was in and around 45 f, but it was great diving. Our first dive had us entering the water from the dock, and we headed down in the the depths. The bottom is sandy, with a lovely wall. Sure enough hiding in one of the numerous cracks was a wolf eel, in about 70 feet of water.

Wolf EelAs we proceeded back along the wall, in the sand we spied a lovely little red octo scurrying to the wall, hoping to get to safety….this type of octo is the smaller ones we find here in the Pacific.

Dive two had us in the shallows off a small reef in the middle of the inlet. We were able to swim most of the reef, though not a large number of fish, there were lots of nudibranch to been seen, with a hug number of the Hooded variations.

Hooded Nudibranch Red Octo

Be sure to come on into to Suncoast Diving and book yourself a charter in order to get yourself out there and enjoy the diving!!