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Giant Pacific Octopus

[singlepic id=185 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]UWE was out diving at Tuwanek Beach again today, as it is a dive that never disappoints, and once again today we were rewarded with a beautiful encounter with two Giant Pacific Octopi.  The sky was dark and threatening rain, but the water was calm, and visibility a little short, but still good enough to enjoy the trip out to the octo’s dens.

Susanne and I slowly proceeded down the sloping bottom until we ran into the wall, and then followed it out to the den in 70 feet of water.  As we approached we saw one smaller Giant Jellies, and some crabs.  As I headed into the den, I was at the lower portion of it, and there in the corner was a little octopus, who was very very curious, as they kept probing and playing with my [singlepic id=141 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]dive light.  Susanne was a little shallower then I, and was checking out the other portion of the den where she saw a “HUGE” octopus.  So, needless to say it was another successful dive!!

Drift Dive Specialty

Uwe and Suncoast Diving went out today on the Inlet to complete the PADI Drift Specialty Course.  Kim, came up to Sechelt from Vancouver so she could take this course, and boy what an amazing day we had.  On dive one, we stopped by at the Power Lines, this is an amazing wall dive, with a slight drift to it.  The depth on the wall is around 900ft though as you can image we remained in the top 100ft of the wall.

The wall was really beautiful as it was all covered with Feather Stars, chimney sponges, Ling cod…and sure enough, there we were on our safety stop, and there sat a Giant Pacific Octopus.  It was a young one, maybe two hands large, and it just sat on this rock on the wall, checking us out.  So, you know me…had had to get him on video, I have a couple of minutes of decent video of him.

Dive two had us out to the Tzoonie Narrows, and were we ever surprised when we saw slush/ice flows going through the narrows.  Can anyone say fresh mountain run off!!  Cold, yes it was, and before we got our nerve up to jump, Bruno had brought all the fixings for an amazing fire se we could warm ourselves, and get some things dried so we could get in and enjoy dive two.

Once everyone had warmed up it was off to the narrows for what would be another fantastic dive.  The surface temp was in the 37 – 38 f range, and below the layer was still a bone chilling 43 – 44.  The visibility was good, and we were treated to some giant barnacles, anemones, and our ever popular Moon jellies.

Overall another fantastic dive…..!

Weekly Night Dive

UWE and Sunshine Coast Dive Club were at it again.  Our weekly night dive had us down once again to the site in Tuwanek.  What Tuwanek again?!?  Yes Tuwanek, I mean really how can you not dive and dive that site, especially when you have Sam Octopus Woman Sugars with yuou.  Everytime I go in for a night dive with her…boom she finds an octopus out hunting in the gravel. 

So there we are, not even 10 minutes into the dive and sure enough, the light flash to the back of the head…yup its Octopus Woman…and sure enough there in the gravel is a young Giant Pacific Octopus…and you know me, I have the video camera.  So you got it…more octopus footage.  But really who gets tired of octopus encounters…certainly not I!!

The club dive was really a great success, we had Sam, Lindsy, Sean, Kyle, Carl and myself…so once again a good turn out.  Interested in night diving….be sure to stop by www.scdiveclub.net and sign up for the club!!

Giant Pacific Octopus Encounter Video

Well its finally in!! Doug Bingeman of PADI Canada sent through to Uw Explorers some of his video from our Octopus Encounter back on the 11th of Nov. While diving on the HMCS CHAUDIERE we had a chance to spend 20 minutes playing with a Giant Pacific Octopus….well here it is in video. The remixing and editing was done by Uw Explorers. Let us know what you think!!