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UWE and Red Hat Divers is excited to announce that we were up on the HMCS CHAUDIERE on Wednesday, Jan 28, helping with some of the underwater video footage for the Capilano College movie that is being made.  Originally it was going to us just driving the zodiac but we offered to do underwater footage for them if they wish.

Here is some of the shots that we were able to compile, let us know what you think.

New Wreck Diver

[singlepic id=222 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]Uwe is excited to announce that Paul has successfully completed his PADI Wreck course.  Paul too his time completing the course by splitting the 4 training dives up over two months.

Dive One and Two were conducted back in early December.  Our day out on the inlet for the first dives was pretty cold and rough.  The wind and sea was up, and made for a very challenging day of diving, but Paul was up to the challenge and did an excellent job.

His last two dives were conducted on Sunday, and even though the fog was pretty heavy, we carefully made our way up the inlet in what at times was zero and zero visibility.  Thankfully by the time we made our way to the Chaudiere the sun was out, and the fog burned off.  The water temperature is down to 40 on the the surface and 48 at depth.  Visibility was excellent….and Paul did an excellent job on his last two dives!!  Well done Paul!

Giant Pacific Octopus Encounter Video

Well its finally in!! Doug Bingeman of PADI Canada sent through to Uw Explorers some of his video from our Octopus Encounter back on the 11th of Nov. While diving on the HMCS CHAUDIERE we had a chance to spend 20 minutes playing with a Giant Pacific Octopus….well here it is in video. The remixing and editing was done by Uw Explorers. Let us know what you think!!

Marine Life Encounters (HMCS CHAUDIERE)

[singlepic=181,320,240,watermark,right]Today was shaping up to be a wet cold trip up to the HMCS CHAUDIERE.  Don’t get me wrong, not that I do not enjoy diving the Chanudiere, but some days it can get a little on the boring time, especially when we dive it so often.

Well, today could certainly not be described as boring…ok, I think it would be one of the best dives I have ever had here in Sechelt. So here is what the dive plan was,  Doug from PADI HQ had a couple of friends up diving, and wanted me to lead a penetration….me well I was looking for Nudibranchs to take some pictures of on the Chaudiere, so I figured it was a good plan and would cover off each groups wants.  So, Jeremy was [singlepic=186,320,240,watermark,left]going to take the stage bottle down for me, and secure it at the 70 foot mark on the round down on the boat.  He headed down be for us, and I was the next to descend.  As I came down the line, I could clearly see Jeremy on the Chaud, tying the rope for the stage bottle…and I could see this big lump about 3 – 5 feet to his left.  As I approached I quickly was able to see that it was no lump…but a Giant Pacific Octopus.  WOW!!!  Out camera…and lets get some hot shots!!

This Pacific Ocotopus stayed and plaed with us for upwards of 20 minutes….floating up like he was going split…to settle back down on the boat…there was two or three color changes…overall it was simply amazing!!  To see more of these photos, just check out the images on the left hand menu bar.

Busy Training Week

[singlepic=147,320,240,watermark,right]Last week was an outstanding week of training.  We did a double wreck/Nitrox and Drysuit courses, and what a blast it was!!  Weather was a little wet, but the visibility was amazing!!

Day One: Of training was done in Tuwanek Beach, getting the students comfortable diving in drysuits, which as anyone who dives one…takes a bit of getting use to.  On the first dive we simply slide down to the Slab of rock where our resident octopus lives.  Once we got our chance to look at our friend, we did the various skills required to certify in the drysuit.  Both students had no problems conducting the skills.  Dive two had us heading out and around the left island.  Overall the dives were amazing.

Day Two: Was spent out at 9 mile point enjoying some good old fun dives/Photo Dives, where Jeremy and I spent the day snapping pictures of all the amazing marine life in the area.

[singlepic=149,320,240,watermark,left]Day Three & Four: Wreck days….both students had very little problems with the first 3 of 4 dives on the wreck course…with dive 4 being the most challenging…with the big penetration they planned.  Even though there was a dropped reel…both students recoverred with little troubles…and had a very successful finish to an amazing week of diving!!

Interested in taking some diving course…be sure to check out Uw Explorers new Course tab…and get signed up for some training with us!!

Dive 5 to HMCS Chaudiere

[singlepic=100,320,240,watermark,left]Jeremy was out on his first full Decompression dive on Saturday, and he did an awesome job!  The dive has been in the planning stages for a good three weeks, but getting the stars aligned, and the moon right took some times and everyones schedules had to work out…so this Saturday it was….and off we went.

With the dive plan made, gas analyzed, we were out on the water by noon, and some 25 minutes later we were tying up to the mooring buoys on the Chaudiere.  We went over the dive briefing one more time, decompression tables set up…and we started to gear up.  Once everything was in place we did our roll in, slung our decompression bottles….took a second or two to catch our breaths….it was time…ready, lets go![singlepic=105,320,240,watermark,right]

We descended down the line and once at the 60 foot mark we staged our first deco bottle….and the second bottle was dropped at the 75 foot mark.  Everything was set, so off the boat we went and dropped down under the ship in to the 146 – 150 foot mark, much to my surprise there was a lot of vegetation there with tons of prawns jumping around.  We puttered around at depth, got comfortable….and set up for our first penetration.

At minute 8 we slide up to the first cut out on the port side and slowly made our way up into what can only be 1 mess.  To our right is the doorway that takes you on to Burma Road or 3 deck, with a quick descent [singlepic=109,320,240,watermark,left]into the Forwards crew heads….and back down and out the cut out back into 130 feet of water.  Another 20 minutes or so of exploration followed with two more penetrations for the fun of it.

We found ourself about 2 minutes behind on the Deco schedule, though thankfully our computers cleared with plenty of time and gas remaining.  All went well!!

Jeremy has one more dive left and he is going to be a full fledged rookie Tec Diver!!