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9 Mile Fun Dive

[singlepic=124,320,240,watermark,left]Today was spent out on the charter with Steve.  With just the two of us on the boat it was a dream.  Suiting up was so simple, not need to rush, or lift 5 – 6 tanks, I simply got ready at the same time he did.  We were at 9 mile point, and I was in search of the illusive Northern Spearnose Poacher which I happened across the last time I was at 9 mile, but of course I did not have my camera with me.

Today however, I did not have any luck in finding this guy…though I did run into another Giant Pacific [singlepic=125,320,240,watermark,right]Octopus, which was two for me.  Though Jeremy and Andrew still hold the record of three octopus on one dive. I was also able to capture some pictures of a Tube dwelling anemone, and many decorator crabs.

Dive two had us down to Tuwanek Point, on the sail boat dive, where we lucked out and ran into a huge Lions Mane jelly fish, though I think it had seen better days, it was very impressive never the less.

Conditions today were a little overcast and light rain, the water temp has cooled off on the surface where it is down to 60 degrees, and the water temp at depth is in the 54 – 55 range.  The visibility was any where from 5 ft – to 60 ft depending what depth you are at.