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Reef Surveyor Course

Doug Biffard, a Marine Biologist who does volunteer work with Reef Dot Org was up to DiveSafe International this past weekend and conducted the Level 2 and Level 3 surveyors course. The course is a free one, which involves some … Continue reading

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Reef Dot Org Survey Dives

UWE was out for another weekend conducting Reef Dot Org survey dives.  Mikey T and I were over on Quadra Island diving at Rebecca Spit, Specifically to do this months surveys.  We conducted the first dive on the inside of … Continue reading

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The Plight of the Abalone

If you were to Google “Abalone” you would find many sites that discuss how threatened this Mollusk is or what amazing recipes that can be used for cooking these little guys up.  So, I thought I would include some interesting … Continue reading

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