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2 New Openwater Divers & 3 New Dry suit Divers @ UWE

UWE and Suncoast Diving is excited to announce that we have certified 2 new Open Water Divers and 3 Dry Suit Divers.  Kaelhub and Sean successfully completed their training for Open Water and Drysuit, while Kathy completed her Dry Suit Divers course.

UWE was down in Tuwanek today completing the requirements for the Dry Suit course.  Sam was the instructor for the dives.  Visibility was amazing with easily 100 foot crystal clear views in all directions.  Ken was working with Jeremy on his Rescue course.  Jeremy has been doing a ton of training with Suncoast Diving and UWE this year.  He as completed his Advanced, Nitrox, Advanced Nitrox, Deep, Wreck, and now we are doing his Rescue and working towards completing his Dive Master course as well.

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Kaelhub Kathy Sean

Sam did a bang up job teaching once again, and she is quickly approaching her MSDT qulification for PADI.  Well done to all!!

Open Water Diver Training: SDI

Cloud SpSaturday had me finishing up some open water diver training. We met at the dive shop for around 9, and got the zodiac ready, did our briefings and out we headed from Porpoise Bay Marine in Sechelt. Our boat trip was around 15 minutes as we just headed to Tuwanek Point.

This little anchorage is an excellent spot for Open Water training, as there is a beautiful sandy flat area in some 25 – 30 feet of water. The few skills we had left to complete went off without a hitch, so we were free to head out on a southerly heading and hop on the wall for a nice little wall dive!

Both students did a great job and were successful in completing their Open Water training!! Well done….be sure to stop by Suncoast Diving and see what is the schedule for up coming training.