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Advanced Open Water Ocean Quest
Advanced Open Water Ocean Quest

UWE and Ocean Quest are very excited to announce we have three new Advanced Open Water divers.  Lenka, Brian and Holland joined us to complete their AOW.  Our class started on the Monday night where we went to work on some classroom presentations covering the importance of proper fin kicks, awareness breathing gas management as well as buoyancy.

We then proceeded in the the pool at UBC, where we took the classroom information and put it to practice in the water, where we took the time to video tape everyone’s swimming and buoyancy.  This is such a valuable way to learn proper diving, as the student actually gets to see a video debrief of their trip, movements and hand signals as they use them.  We have been receiving very positive feed back with this method of training.

The weekend had the group out conducting the PPB, Deep, Navigation, Night and Wreck dives at the various locations around the Vancouver area.  Conditions where amazing with at least 80 foot visibility and the students had an amazing time.

Looking to take your AOW, looking for great instruction, well then look no further, contact Ocean Quest and lets get you diving!!

March Advanced Course

Daniel Worger
Daniel Worger

UWE and Ocean Quest Dive Centre are very excited to announce that in the March Advanced Course we have five new graduates!  This was a great course, we had plenty of challenges that presented on this course.  High winds, poor visibility,  but all of the students did an excellent job with their training!

It all began in the Pool, where we did Drysuit Skills, as well as various Buoyancy skills, and of course advanced Fin techniques.  All of the students did very well, and this was later evident in the ocean when we practiced the PPB skills.

Well done to all the students, that graduated the March Advanced Course.

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course

UWE and Ocean Quest are excited to announce we have three new PADI Advanced Open Water Diver.  Joel, Mark and Matt joined UWE an OQ on the 19th of Dec to work on their PADI Advanced Open Water Diver training.  We met early at the shop where we covered the knowledge reviews for the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy and the PADI Wreck Adventure Dives.

We headed down to Porteau Cove where we went out to the tired reef and worked on Buoyancy, efficient fin kicks, and diver awareness.  All of the students did an excellent job.  There was some small problems getting the hover completed but with hard work all of the students were able to work things out with little trouble.  When we were working on the frog kick, helicopter turns, and back finning it was obvious everyone had no problems with the most of the kicks but the back finning was certainly a challenge.

We proceeded to doing the Wreck, Deep, Night and Navigation dives.  All of the dives went very well, and I think everyone was most impressed with the night dive.  We all agreed there is something peaceful with night diving.  Well done to everyone!!!


2 New PADI Advanced Open Water Divers

Shannon PADI AOW

Well done to Shannon and Sabrina for their successful completion of the PADI Advanced Open Water Course.  Shannon was the first one to book the course, and Sabrina was just out for a fun dive and a refresher, but she decided to continue with her training!!  Both students did an outstanding job in her training!!

Both students decided to do the Buoyancy, Navigation, Deep, Night, Digital

Sabrina PADI AOW

Photography dives.  Both students demonstrated early on that they had no difficulties at all in their skills.  Their buoyancy was good but did improve over their series of dives, and when it was time to do the Digital Photography dives they had no problems setting up and taking some great pictures.

During the night dive, both students had indicated they were a little nervous, but they met the challenge with no problems, and we were able to get a full 60 minute dive in and we were lucky and saw some cool critters.  Well done to both students!!


Congratulations to our new Open Water and Advanced Open Water Divers

Eric, Bernadette and Dominik

UWE and EcoSea Dive are excited to announce we have three new Advanced Open Water Divers and one new Open Water Divers.  Over the past 5 days we have been hard at work, training Bernadette from Open Water thru to Advanced Open Water.  She did an amazing job.  She joined EcoSea with no diving experience what so ever and did an amazing job over the 5 days.  She looked like a pro when we did her last AOW dive.  Very very well done to you Bernadette!

Eric and Dominik joined Bernadette on the Advanced Open Water course, where we did the Deep, Nav, PPB, Night and UW Naturalist dives.  All divers did a great job and this was easily the best Advanced Open Water course I have ever taught.  All of the students worked very hard, not only doing their knowledge reviews but perfecting the skills needed to make them a competent capable divers!  Well done to all involved!!

UWE and Red Hat Divers Productions were able to shoot some video on their last training dive, so be sure to stay tuned because you will be able to see them in action!  Once again well done to all the students….I am very impressed with their hard work!!