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First Certification of 2011….


UWE and EcoSea went out over the New Years celebration, with both Open Water and Advanced Open Water students.  Julien, joined to complete his Advanced Open Water.  He is a CMAS diver, with plenty of experience, but has not dived in some time so he opted to do the course.

The weather was working against us the entire course.  We had to run rabbit to Lazy Beach in order to get out of the high winds and heavy winds on the first day.  The second day had us staying in Eco Sea Bay and the surrounding dive sites, but it was choppy for sure.

Julien did a great job  on his training.  Well done to you sir!! It was great training with you!!

Tail end of 2010

UWE and EcoSea divers has had a very very busy time closing out the 2010 season.  We have had a fury of training, fun diving and some new videos.  I have been out on the island since the 24th of Dec, and busy working on Open Water, Advanced Open Water, fun divers, refreshers, try dives, and just plain old having fun for little old me.

I would say that 2010 was the hardest year I have had to date. April had my wife leaving me, for greener pastures, and she met a new beau, this came out of the blue and certainly knocked me on my can.  Then, I was laid off in Sept…and left with no work.  Eco Sea came to the rescue and offered me a position and there has been no looking back since.

So, here goes the honor role to end out the 2010 year.



He joined EcoSea to do an introduction dive at first but he changed his mind and did the Junior Open Water course.  He was a little timid at first but then he found his comfortable spot and just smoked through the course like a real pro!!  Josh, had a fellow student join him on his course.


Bryan joined in the course with Josh, and he is a fellow Canadian, which was nice
since I have not seen many of my home country people in some time.  He certainly did excel at his training, having no difficulty at all with any phase of the course.   Well done to both students!!

There were three other students who joined in for training, one an Advanced Open Water student.  He is from the UK, living in China.  He did an amazing jog getting through all of the skills that he needed to show me, during his training dives.  His was a difficult course since we had a couple of huge wind storms.


The next student (Jens) I worked with successfully completed his Digital Underwater Photography course, and that gave him the 5th Specialty he needed to complete all of his requirements for the Master Scuba Diver rating.  Congratulations on completing PADI’s highest none professional rating possible for non Professionals!!

Well done to all students you certainly worked hard and did bang up jobs!!

Been a Busy Couple of Weeks…..or so!!

UWE, has been busy out training the past week or so….and boy have we had some great diving!!  Neil, from Phnm Penh has come and completed his Open water course with us.  He was a natural!  There is a diver who would make and outstanding Dive Master and Instructor.  Though he would have to loose the speedo!  He joined us out of the blue…thanks to Scuba Nation and went through his book work in record time!

We headed out to the island and he sure excelled in his Confined Water skills…and he was a natural in the Open Water dives!  Well done to you Neil.

We also completed an Advanced course with a lovely young lady in from Sweden…but for the life of me I can not remember her name lol.  She was a natural, she had said she had not dived since a year ago, and when we hit the water right from the very beginning, you could tell she was a fish.  Good diver, good dives!  She picked the Digital Photo Dive, drift dive, and then the Fish Id dive….for her dive choices…well done!

New PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

EcoSea Dive Center

UWE would like to send out a great big congratulations to Conner L.  for his successful completion of his AOW.  His training went fast a furious, as the weather was not agreeing to the schedule we had set out.  The wind was up and the seas were rough, and sadly we had to cancel the Night Dive scheduled the first night…but we have no control of the winds and waves.

Day two had us completing his night dive, Digital Photo dive as well as the UW Naturalist dives.  Needless to say, it was busy, but Conner was up to the task.  Well done!!  Hope to see you back for some more diving!!

Best of luck in your travels!  Standby I am still working on the video, so I will add this to your post when its done!

Congratulations to our new Advanced Open Water Divers

David & Nicola of the UK

UWE is excited to announce we have two new AOW divers!!  David and Nicola faced the challenge of the PADI Advanced Open Water course, and braved the rough seas as well and was rewarded with a successful course completion.  David and Nicola did the UW Navigation, Deep, Drift, PPB and Drift dive.  Though visibility was a bit of a challenge they did an amazing job.  Easily they where the best students I have ever had on the Navigation portion of the dive.

Our deep was a bit of a challenge as we had problems finding a dive area that would give us deeper then 18 metres so we needed to do that dive twice, but as I suspected they had little problems with this dive and showed me how confident they were in the water.  The remainder of the dives went off with no troubles, and after two days, and a session of sea sickness, we were able to complete no troubles!

Well done to David and Nicola!!


UWE and DiveSafe International are excited to announce the completion of our First PADI dive training ever here at DiveSafe International!  The PADI Openwater course commenced on the 12th of July, with four students.  We had two recreational students and two students who were continuing on to do the Commercial Divers course.

The course was conducted over 4 days, with all students having no problems completing their training, the course was run in the same fashion of any other Openwater course, though we got many many boat dives in the students….what a great confidence booster!!

Once the course was completed, we rolled right into the Advanced Openwater course, one that is normally only 5 dives in length, but we here at DiveSafe, have decided to conduct a 20 dive Advanced Openwater program.   Once you are completed the 5 dives that are needed for the course, we dive you 15 more times in all sorts of conditions while still under the supervision of an instructor.  How can you not help but be an amazing diver coming off this training!!  Excellent work!!

UWE will be conducting the next OW and AOW training at DiveSafe in Sept, so if you are looking to get your training completed you should be sure to book now!!