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Dive Masters in Training

Dive Masters in Training
Dive Masters in Training

UWE and Ocean Quest were out this weekend working hard with our Dive Masters in Training, assisting with the Advanced Open Water course, as well as diving off Sea Dragon in Howe Sound where we conducted a Sidemount Charter.  Overall things went very well. Our Dive Masters in Training split up on Saturday in two groups one with three and the other with four.  We did Discover Scuba Diving training in the Ocean, SMB Deployments and then my favourite slow ascent practice which was in preparation for the Sidemount Charter the next day, as well for this upcoming weekend when we do our Deep Dive Scenario.

Our Dive Masters in Training did a fantastic job, assisting in the Advanced Open Water course, where I gather there was a good learning curve in what it means to to assist in training, and being ready for anything arising that must be dealt with.  There were currents and strong winds to deal with as well, a pair of divers needing assistance on the surface which had no ties to our training.

On Sunday, the Dive Masters in Training lead the dives off the Sea Dragon charter where there was a huge learning curve having to deal buddy separation, bad visibility while also assisting on the ship preparing the the customers entry into the water.  Overall our Dive Masters in Training did a great job!!  Well Done!!

PADI Dive Masters

Greg and Roger Feb's Dive Master Students
Greg and Roger Feb's Dive Master Students

UWE and Ocean Quest Dive Centre are very excited to announce we have two new PADI Dive Masters!  Greg V, and Roger L have successfully completed the intense 5 week PADI Dive Masters course which commenced back on the 3rd of Feb 2012.

We certainly put the guys through their paces, from learning how to lead a dive, assist their instructors, Search and Recovery and my favourite the Deep Dive.  On top of all that we had two nights a week for theory, and exams, plus Roger had started working on his Assistant Instructors course at the same time so he would be ready this weekend for his OWSI course.

Well done boys you did a great job and you should be very proud of yourselves!!!


PADI Divemaster Course

Greg and Roger Feb's Dive Master Students
Greg and Roger Feb's Dive Master Students

UWE and Ocean Quest Dive Centre has started the first PADI Divemaster course of 2012 here at the dive center.  We have two students Greg and Roger who have come and joined us for their training, both students have signed up to do their instructor ratings as well, so there certainly is a lot of work ahead of them.

Classes are running at a hectic pace with Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  Both students are working hard and doing a fabulous job on their training.  With the first exam session quickly approaching, both Greg and Roger have been working hard at learning all the Regulations that apply to the position while learning how to be an assistant in the Open Water training role, and how to become Dive Leaders.

This Saturday past Roger and Greg worked as the Dive Leaders on our Saturday Drop in Dive (SMD).  They were tasked to give the dive briefings, as well as lead the dives where they faced various realistic problems with the divers they were responsible to lead.  Both DMT’s did a fabulous job, with all be some minor problems that were pointed out and fixed for the next dive.

Greg and Roger Feb's Dive Master Students
Greg and Roger Feb's Dive Master Students

Well done to you both Roger and Greg, keep up the good work, and I will seeing you in some beautiful tropical location one day soon!  Interested in taking the PADI Divemaster Course, or going on the Saturday Morning Drop in dive, contact us at Ocean Quest and let us answer your questions.

We Have Three New Dive Masters


UWE and EcoSea Dive are very excited to announce that we have three new Dive Master.  Emilie, Andy, and Christina successfully completed their Dive Master Internship at the end of April, after three very hard working months with EcoSea Dive.

Andy and Emilie, joined up on Jan, which Emilie already being an Open Water diver, and Andy hold no certification at all, so for him he started and the very beginning.  Both Emilie and Andy did a fantastic job with their training.  Emilie, excelled in the booking office, and being a native French speaker she helped my on many many courses translating my English and very poor French into a usable and successful team training many students who were in their own


right French speakers.

Andy, not to be out done joined in on many of the Specialty courses as my Dive Master. He

learned quickly and had not problems adapting as the course went on.  He was called in to assist in many of the SSI courses I taught even though he was doing his training as a PADI Dive Master.

Christina, was a natural, she can certain organize and lead in order to get the job completed.  She joined in the training as an Open Water diver.  She successfully completed


all of the courses that were required to get her to the DM level.  She made short work of the academics, and put the time need to lead dives, and supervise certified divers.  Overall she did an excellent job!

Well done, and congratulations to all of the new Dive Master.  It was truly a joy to work and train with you.  I would like to wish you all the greatest success in the future!!

Congratulations to our New Dive Master

[singlepic id=249 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]UWE and Suncoast Diving are very very pleased to announce Matt E. has successfully completed his Dive Master Course yesterday out in Tuwanek.  UWE had three students out to Tuwanek for their PADI Advanced Open Waters course, and Matt only had to complete his Rescue Assessment, which he did with no difficulties at all.

Once Matt completed the accessment, he was quickly pressed into service, and lead the dive for one of our certified divers who was in need of a Professional Dive Buddy.  Matt, well done, great work, and we are very pleased that you have been successful with your training!