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Enriched Air Course

Congrats to Michal, Lou and Ron well done!!
Congrats to Michal, Lou and Ron well done!!

UWE and Ocean Quest Dive Center are excited to announce that Michal, Lou and Ron for completing the Enriched Air Course this evening at Ocean Quest.

The evening was spent learning how to crunch number and analyze gas, and mark cylinders.  Great work from everyone!! I was very impressed with how well every knew and understood all the finer points about Enriched air and the various ways we can work out the depths and mixes for Enriched Air.

If you are interested in taking the PADI Enriched Air course, be sure to let us know so we can get your training arranged!

Enriched Air Divers

Steven, Travis, Mike New Enriched Air Divers
Steven, Travis, Mike New Enriched Air Divers

UWE and and Ocean Quest are very excited to announce that we have three new Enriched Air Divers.  Well done guys.  Even though the course is about 4 hours we sure do get to learn a lot about Enriched Air.  We cover all the different ways one plans their Enriched Air Dives.  We learn about Standard Mixes vs Best Mix, how to calculate your MODs and all the various safety rules we need to follow in ordered to be safe Enriched Air Divers!

We also would like to thank Mike, Travis, and Steven for donating to the Project Aware foundation, help fight to keep our oceans safe and clean.  Read more about the Project Aware mission statement at projectaware.org.

Travis and Mike, are going to put their new skills to work this weekend, diving with Ocean Quest out on the Egmont Charter weekend.  This is going to be a lot of fun! Check back for the weekends pictures!

Well done once again to our New Enriched Air Divers!

PADI Enriched Air Course

Eric. S Enriched Air Diver
Eric. S Enriched Air Diver

UWE and Ocean Quest had a request to complete a short notice PADI Enriched Air Course course on Saturday.  So, when I returned from the SMD and the Divemaster training I started up an PADI Enriched Air Course for Eric from Winnipeg.  Go figure, Winterpig lol what can I say!!  So, Eric started off watching the video, and I got the various training aids together.

As one can imagine we need some Enriched Air cylinders so you can do the analysis of the contents.  Once the video was completed we started working on the Knowledge Reviews, and since I like doing everything by hand, I made sure Eric knew and understood how to use the various formula’s to do a second check of everything your dive computer maybe wanting to tell, but I to be sure my computers is correct so I do all the checks manually as well just to ensure safety.  Mine to be exact!

Eric had no problems completing all the skills that were expected so it was off to the 25 question quiz, which he had no problems.  Well done Eric, thanks for selecting Ocean Quest to complete your training needs!!

5 New PADI Nitrox Divers

Kathryn B.é PADI Nitrox Diver

UWE is very excited to say we have 5 new PADI Nitrox Divers!!  Congratulations to David,Greg, Kathryn, Tania, Philburt for all the hard work they did in completing their training.  As we all know this Specialty is no longer at diving specialty, so we can easily complete this training in a few hours.  However with that being said there is a lot of work that needs to be done.

Tania M. PADI Nitrox Diver

I teach this course in fashion where you learn to calculate your best mix for your dive. This means you may dive on different mixes each dive, not just a standard mix.  This in my opinion cause a person to become complacent, where they stop thinking since it should always be the same every dive.  I want to see you use your brain, and not promote shutting it off.  So if you are taking this course with me, be prepared to use your noodle!!

David A. PADI Nitrox Diver

During the classroom session we worked on calculating best mixes, your EAD, EAD to air table conversion, dive calculation and planning, as well the calculating the dosage of O2, as well as calculating the time left on your CNS clock.  The NITROX Specialty is one of the best courses that PADI has to offer.  With the NITROX course, you learn so much about the physics and physiology  of diving, that you can not go wrong taking this course.  Overall everyone did a great job and they were all successful on completing their training!!  Well done to everyone!!