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We Have a New Open Water Diver


UWE and EcoSea Dive are happy to announce that Gerry has successfully completed his Open Water Diver training!!  Well done to Gerry.

I met Gerry on Day one of his Open Water course through PADI.  Gerry, made simple work of the academics.  We spent the day learning the various rules about diving, reviewing dive gear as well as the Confined Water skills that would be asked of him while doing his training.

Day 2, had us head out to the island, where he had little problems completing all the skills.  He had a little speed bump, but over all he made easy work of the required skills.

During the Open Water dives portion of his training, Day 3, Gerry had a little to over come with the depths that we were using.  Overall though he did an excellent job!!

Well done to Gerry!!



Congratulations to our Newest Open Water Diver

Malcolm C.

UWE and EcoSea Dive are very excited to announce that Malcolm C. has successfully completed all of the requirements to become a PADI Open Water Diver.  Malcolm came in to the diver center after only snorkeling for about one year and said he was ready to tackle the full Open Water course, and he certainly worked hard to achieve this mile stone!

Day 1 had him in the classroom, where he breezed through the book work, making short work of his quizzes and knowledge reviews.  You could tell Malcolm had a strong grasp on all the things he would need for the next day in order to be successful in the water.

Day 2, and out to the island we went.  Malcolm was a quick learner, and demonstrated the determination to complete his Confined Water skills, even in the face of problems he encountered doing the mask clearing drills.  He continued to work hard and not get discouraged, and was able to complete all of the skills expected of him!!

Day 3 as always had the Open Water student out enjoying the great diving on our various Open Water dive sites.  Overall well done to you Malcolm!!  Keep up the great work!

New Open Water Divers

Anna M.

Uwe and EcoSea Dive is happy to announce we have two more new PADI Open Water divers!!  Anna and Thomas joined us for a week of training, fun diving and relaxing on the island.  Both students had little trouble completing the classroom work on day one.  Though the day was long, we were able to complete all knowledge reviews and other book work that was needed.

On day two, we were out to the island where we did easy work of the confined water skills.  We ran the Open Water course in conjunction with a Rescue course, so there was more and more information being provided to the Open Water students.  Both students did an amazing job with all that was expected of them on such a short amount of time.


Day three, had us out on the boat diving an Lone Tree, Corner bar and Lone Tree once again.  Both of the Open Waters demonstrated better then normal Buoyancy skills, and seemed to have little trouble completing the skills needed.  Anna, and her sister Barbara decided to tag on to the Koh Tang trip the next day.

Well done to everyone!  Great Work, great time!!


Congratulations to our new Open Water and Advanced Open Water Divers

Eric, Bernadette and Dominik

UWE and EcoSea Dive are excited to announce we have three new Advanced Open Water Divers and one new Open Water Divers.  Over the past 5 days we have been hard at work, training Bernadette from Open Water thru to Advanced Open Water.  She did an amazing job.  She joined EcoSea with no diving experience what so ever and did an amazing job over the 5 days.  She looked like a pro when we did her last AOW dive.  Very very well done to you Bernadette!

Eric and Dominik joined Bernadette on the Advanced Open Water course, where we did the Deep, Nav, PPB, Night and UW Naturalist dives.  All divers did a great job and this was easily the best Advanced Open Water course I have ever taught.  All of the students worked very hard, not only doing their knowledge reviews but perfecting the skills needed to make them a competent capable divers!  Well done to all involved!!

UWE and Red Hat Divers Productions were able to shoot some video on their last training dive, so be sure to stay tuned because you will be able to see them in action!  Once again well done to all the students….I am very impressed with their hard work!!

More New Open Water Divers

Jason S.

UWE and EcoSea Dive is very excited to announce we have some more new Open Water Divers!!  Michael and Jason completed their Open Water divers course with little problems.  They breezed through their academics on Day one and then it was off to the island.

On Day Two, things came fast and furious as we covered set up of equipment, plus all of the dive skills that they would require in order to be successful in the course.  As Michael put it, being a Professor they would have little trouble, and he as certainly correct in that statement.  So, Day two went off without a hitch.

Day three, Jason was having some ear problems, but he took his time, and was able to get past it.  We finished Dives 2 – 4, and a promised the Professors

Michael H.

had stellar performances in all skills, and dive theory.  The dives as always were good, visibility in the 3 – 6 metre range was evident, but we took things slowly and everyone did an awesome job!!

Well done to Jason and Michael, great work and it was great meeting you!  Stay tuned, be sure to check back so you can see the Project Aware Clean up that Eco Sea and Uw Explorers did out on the island.