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Busy Couple of Days

[singlepic id=180 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]UWE, has had a couple of busy days, we were out enjoying the fine weather on the inlet.  Friday had us diving on the Powers line up near Salmon Inlet.  This dive is a sheer wall drop off kind of dive.  Buoyancy is a must, but for the recreational diver you want to drop down to the 130ft mark and then slowly ride your no deco time into shallower water.  Things to see on the is wall, ar nice size glass/cloud sponges, which are found deeper then 110ft.  The wall in the 40 ft and shallower is excellent for marine life as well.  This is the wall that we got some excellent octopus footage, which was used in the Diving in Sechelt video.

The other dives were conducted on Pipers, 9 Mile Point and the ever favourite HMCS CHAUDIERE.  The visibility at 9 mile and Pipers was excellent, and we were treated to Ocotpus encounters on both of the dives.  The layer is clear to about 30 ft, then the visibility starts to come in closer and closer the deeper we headed.  The HMCS CHAUDIERE dive today, was an interesting one.  As we decended down the stern mooring line, it was evident that we were not going to be able to see the Chaud until we actual swam into her…and sure enough that is what happened.  Though I have to admit there was a lot of Ling Cods hiding around and on the wreck.  As always we had a great dive.

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Advanced Open Water Course

[singlepic id=235 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]UWE and Suncoast Diving would like to congratulate Kyle H for completing his PADI Advanced Open Water Course.  Kyle has been trying to get his dive numbers up as he is heading to Campbell River to take his Commercial Divers Course, so he signed up for his AOW, and the Night Divers Specialty courses.

Yesterday had us out on the Sechelt Inlet to complete Kyle’s last two dives for his AOW.  We headed up to my all time favorite Wreck Dive on the HMCS CHAUDIERE.  Kyle certainly showed that he is an Advanced Open water diver as he had no difficulties completing this dive in rather challenging conditions.  The wind was up, and there was certainly a lot of wave action, but Kyle was quick to enter the water, and head down the descent line.  We spent 30 some odd minutes exploring the wreck.  [singlepic id=242 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]Always a fun dive!!

Dive two of the day had us heading back to Pipers Point, so Kyle could do his Underwater Photography dive.  We were planning to get back on the octopus that we found a week earlier in 90 feet of water.  There was certainly all the tell tail signs of an octopus being in the area, but he was not home when we arrived at his den.  But not to be disappointed, about 20 feet away, in 87 – 91 feet we found a beautiful female Wolf Eel sitting in her den.  A rare find in the inlet for me, I was really amazed how [singlepic id=241 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]beautiful she was.  Kyle, snapped away on the camera recording so nice images of the Eel.  To see more of Kyles Images, be sure to visit his Photo Gallery here on UWE.

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A Busy Weekend for UWE

Uwe and Suncoast Diving had a busy week out on the inlet this past week.  Wednesday had us out at Tuwanek for a SDI Drysuit Course with Christine, she had not been diving in cold water for some time, but she is very interested in seeing some of the treasures that are here on the coast….so off we went to do the course!  The visibility was short as it is this time of year, the water cool…but certainly a 30 minute dive is not all that difficult.  Christine was a natural in the water, and she did an excellent job on the course.

Friday had us up to the HMCS CHAUDIERE and then Pipers Point for a charter.  The dive on the Chaudiere was as always excellent.  The visibility remains pretty short in the first 30 feet or so, but under that it is open to about 30 foot.  Byron and his buddy followed Bruno and I for a little while then went on their own tour.  I was inside the wreck doing some filming when I was abl to obtain this awesome shot of a diver passing over one of the cut outs just as I settle the camera in the same position.  It could not have been any better even if we planned it!!

The second dive of the day had us down to Pipers Point, where we did a quick 30 minute plunge while the other group of divers were out doing their dive.  We were feverishly looking for the Wolfe Eel that was sighted there a couple of days prior to that day…though we were unsuccessful, we did get on a nice sight of a Ling Cod protecting her egg mass.  That is the video footage that we have add to this post for everyone to see!!

Looks like UWE is going to be taking a weeks break on diving, in order to catch up on all of our videos, and to get caught up on our dive stories.  If you are wanting to get out in the water….drop us an email…and lets get something arranged!!

Pipers Point

Uwe and Red Hat Divers were out at Pipers Point working on obtaining underwater footage for a project they are working on.  The dive overall was excellent.  Visibility was good, and the marine life though smaller still amazing.  We were treated with some beautiful Chimney Sponges, Feather Stars and many other excellent marine life encounters.

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As our group made our way up to the safety stop, Bruno spied some Buffalo Sculpins resting on a rock, right in 20 feet of water.  These little guys were just sitting there and appeared to be very uninterested in the three huge divers hovering over top their positions.

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Labour Day Weekend

[singlepic=131,320,240,watermark,left]Another excellent weekend spent out on the Sechelt Inlet visiting all the great dive sites the inlet has to offer.  Saturday had the charter on a three tank dive day, with the first dive on the Chaudiere, where for some it was the very first time on the wreck.  It is always nice having the first timers…as the cheer after the dive is amazing.

Dive two had us down on the Tzoonie Narrows for a drift dive, which for some, was not as enjoyable as they thought it maybe.  The tide was on the ebb, so we dropped the three groups in bay side of the narrows, up on the wall, so they could have a good long drift.   The worse case should have been a 2.8 knot dirft right at the top of the tide, but we arrived about an hour before slack…so it should bee perfect.[singlepic=129,320,240,watermark,right]

Once we had the divers out of the water from that dive, we put the peddle to the metal in order to get back to Pipers so we could get our third dive in.  Pipers was a rewarding dive, as finally we were able to show Nancy an octopus…so all is good!!

Great day diving, good dive group….here is hoping we get to dive together again!!