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Diving With Seal Lions

I was out last weekend diving at Race Rocks.  I have not been diving in Victoria for some time, and I have to say getting off the ferry felt like I had finally returned home after far to long an absence.  I went out with Ogden Point Dive center and we diving with the Stellar Sea Lions at Race Rocks.  What an amazing adventure, I have had an opportunity to dive with various critters but these gentle giants were so much fun!

On our first dive we went in at Albert Head down near the DND compound, the same place I did my JLC course back in the 90’s.  The wind was bitter cold and as always I am amazed how much warmer the water feels when I entered.  As I descended I figured out there was a pretty strong current leading southeast, but we just drifted nicely, where we were treated to Swimming scallops, Puget Sound King Crabs, and a free swimming juvenile wolfe eel.  Amazing encounters.

Dive two, and the dive of the day was at Race Rocks itself where we entered in a nice quiet pool out of the current in about 20 feet of water where the Stellar Sea Lions put on an amazing show.  Take a look at our video, and see what we saw!!