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Congrates to Our New PADI Open Water Diver

Mylene PADI Open Water

UWE and EcoSea Dive are very excited to announce that Mylene of Montreal Canada has successfully completed her Open Water training with PADI.

On Day 1, Mylene was hard at work in the classroom, learning all the does and don’ts about diving.  Judging by hear marks she had no problems with that area of the training.  We could tell she would be a natural.

Day 2, had her meeting me out on the island, and that is where we got started on doing all of her confined water skills.  Mylene was a little nervous at the start, and we had a couple of little hiccups, but with her determination and hard work we made short work of all of her confined water skills.  We went from there right into Ow dive 1, which turned out being the most unbelievable drift dive I have seem inside the bay.

Day 3 and we were back out doing the Open Water portion of her course.  Mylene, had no troubles and was treated to some of the nicest diving I have seen in Cambodia, seeing Blue spotted rays, Puffer Fish, Scorpion Fish, and many many other things!  Well done to you Mylene!!

We Have a New Rescue Diver – Way to Go Chris!!


UWE and EcoSea Dive are very excited to announce, Chris from Canada, has successfully completed his PADI Rescue course!! Well done Chris.  The funny part is Chris is a natural.  He had little problems with his training.  I was working on a students Open Water classroom session when in walks Chris.  I knew him to be a fellow Canadian right off the bat.  He said “out” funny…who knew us Canadians had an ascent.

After talking over the course requirements, I discovered we had something else in common, he was a serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces, and I being a retired one, we kind of hit it off right away.

While out on the island, Chris completed the confined water, and open water skills as well as all of the academics.  Being that he is a member of the Military, the rescue skills came easy.  So really other then making sure all the requirements were met, we simply enjoyed some good diving!

Well done Chris, hope you get to use the rescue skills and be safe my friend!!

We Have a New Open Water Diver


UWE and EcoSea Dive are happy to announce that Gerry has successfully completed his Open Water Diver training!!  Well done to Gerry.

I met Gerry on Day one of his Open Water course through PADI.  Gerry, made simple work of the academics.  We spent the day learning the various rules about diving, reviewing dive gear as well as the Confined Water skills that would be asked of him while doing his training.

Day 2, had us head out to the island, where he had little problems completing all the skills.  He had a little speed bump, but over all he made easy work of the required skills.

During the Open Water dives portion of his training, Day 3, Gerry had a little to over come with the depths that we were using.  Overall though he did an excellent job!!

Well done to Gerry!!



We have New SSI Open Water Divers!!

Nina L

UWE and EcoSea Dive are excited to announce we have three new Open Water Divers. Nina, Lila and Charles-Edouard came into us and asked to do their open water divers course.  They chose to do the SSI version of the course.  As we know there really is little difference between the two training agency.

Day 1 had the three in the classroom, watching the training video, and doing the various academic requirements in order to complete the course.  They learned about pressure, dive computers, physics, and then a quick review of what skills we would work on for day 2.

Day 2, was a lot of fun, though the students decided not

Charles-Edouard L.

to remain on the island so they did the day trip version of the course.  All three quickly showed they had no problems doing what they needed to do for the confined water skills.  They all looked like pros right from the first moment in the water.

Lila G

Day 3 had us out on the reefs diving at Corner Bar, and Back door.  The three students showed how comfortable and how easy scuba diving was coming to them.  All three students had great air consumption rates so that meant we could enjoy nice long dives!

Overall well done to all involved!  I hope you get out there and use your new certifications!!  Interested in diving…let us know!

Our New SSI Scuba Diver!!

Helena M

UWE is very excited to announce that Helena has completed her Scuba Diver Certification.  Helena came in with just a short time available to get her diving certification so we decided to work on her Scuba Diver.  She did an amazing job!! Well done!

Day one was in the classroom, where she worked on her academics and demonstrated she had no problems with the book work, and she was scheduled to head out to the island and get the rest of her training completed.  Day two had us having to run around to Lazy Beach once again, which was not the most desirable location but what we needed to do never the less!

Helena was run through the skills for confined  1 – 3 where she showed how comfortable and how natural the dive skills where coming to her.  She was having a problem with her dive mask cause I think it was to wide for her tiny face, that it would leak on her.  A problem which would cause trouble for many students, she showed her composure and worked through this continuing problem and was really very successful!!

Well done to Helena!  Hope you get a chance to use your diving certification a lot!!