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Diving with the Crew

UWE has been back on the Sunshine Coast for the month of October, diving with the old crew.  Sarah, Rob, Nancy, Paul, Jeremy, Bruno and Sam.  We have been out at the all time favorite shore site, yes you got it Tuwanek.  We have been treated to the Giant Pacific Octopus, and Wolf Eel’s, all the fabulous marine life that Tuwanek has to offer, and as always the visibility was 100 ft plus!!  Temperatures are dropping that is for sure, but great diving never the less!

Hooded Nudibranch

We also made it out on the zodiac for a days worth of diving.  We picked two dive sites which we/I had never dived before.  The first site, is one I had wanted to try on a few occasions but never really made it in there.  I can not remember the name of the place, but it was the rocks just down from Pipers Point,  it had some very interesting areas, we even ran into two Giant Pacific Octopods, one that appeared to have died very recently, then the second in the same den which was still alive.  The topography was amazing.  Then the second dive site was 9 mile point, but we went in around the corner, where normally the divers are exiting at so it was a new area for us.  Once again the wall was amazing topography wise, and it had plenty of depth.  The one group of divers had indicated that they had seen an octopus, around 80 – 90 foot, but the group I was with did not.

Overall it was fabulous diving the inlet again, as well as diving with my old friends, and meeting some new people….thank you to all who made the dives so wonderful!

Global Referrals & SDI Openwaters

UW Explorers SDI Training Facility

UWE  has been busy between assisting at Vista Sea Sport and conducting SDI Openwater courses.  Friday had us out on Mark’s Panga, down to Cerro Verde doing Openwater Dive 1 and 2 of a Global Referral from SSI.  Jon (student) and Nadine (Certified diver) did great on their dives.  Jon proved he was up to the task of completing all of his skills with no difficulties on both of his dives, and Nadine is an excellent diver, she has excellent buoyancy  and her air consumption is amazing.  Well done to both.

Uw Explorers SDI Training Facility currently is running an Openwater course for Charlie B. has completed all of her Confined water skills, and is more then ready for the ocean portion though we may head back to the pool for one more go…just to make sure everyone is comfortable.  Once she has completed her academics, then there will be no stopping her.  She is certainly a natural in the water, so I am excited to get her course completed so she can get in there and do some of the awesome dive sites that are offered here in the Baja.

CW Pool Skills

Interested in learning to dive…drop us a line and lets see what we can get arranged!!

Labour Day Weekend

[singlepic=131,320,240,watermark,left]Another excellent weekend spent out on the Sechelt Inlet visiting all the great dive sites the inlet has to offer.  Saturday had the charter on a three tank dive day, with the first dive on the Chaudiere, where for some it was the very first time on the wreck.  It is always nice having the first timers…as the cheer after the dive is amazing.

Dive two had us down on the Tzoonie Narrows for a drift dive, which for some, was not as enjoyable as they thought it maybe.  The tide was on the ebb, so we dropped the three groups in bay side of the narrows, up on the wall, so they could have a good long drift.   The worse case should have been a 2.8 knot dirft right at the top of the tide, but we arrived about an hour before slack…so it should bee perfect.[singlepic=129,320,240,watermark,right]

Once we had the divers out of the water from that dive, we put the peddle to the metal in order to get back to Pipers so we could get our third dive in.  Pipers was a rewarding dive, as finally we were able to show Nancy an octopus…so all is good!!

Great day diving, good dive group….here is hoping we get to dive together again!!

SDI Deep Training

[singlepic=29,320,240,watermark,left]A big congratulations to Jeremy, he completed is SDI Deep course today, and lucked out but doing his 130 foot dive on the HMCS Chaudiere. Visibility was easily 50 – 70 feet. We did our skills down deep, and then slowly ascended and was able to conduct a couple of swim throughs.

Dive 2 was done at 9 mile point. We were diving on EANx 34, so we had tons of bottom time. Though the best part of the dive was at the 45 – 55 foot level where we happened on to an octopus guarding her eggs in her den. What a beautiful sight!!

Interested in seeing what we see…be sure to stop by Suncoast Diving and sign up for a charter or learn to dive class!!

Weekend Training

Another busy weekend, had me out doing an Openwater course from SDI. Julie is working to complete here openwater course and is doing an amazing job. Friday we were able to complete Dive 1 and 2, and Saturday we were hoping to complete 3 and 4.

We had some ear and sinus problems so our training was cut a little short, and we were not able to complete the training. But Julie’s safety is far more important then the training. Things should be completed in the next week or so.

Open Water Diver Training: SDI

Cloud SpSaturday had me finishing up some open water diver training. We met at the dive shop for around 9, and got the zodiac ready, did our briefings and out we headed from Porpoise Bay Marine in Sechelt. Our boat trip was around 15 minutes as we just headed to Tuwanek Point.

This little anchorage is an excellent spot for Open Water training, as there is a beautiful sandy flat area in some 25 – 30 feet of water. The few skills we had left to complete went off without a hitch, so we were free to head out on a southerly heading and hop on the wall for a nice little wall dive!

Both students did a great job and were successful in completing their Open Water training!! Well done….be sure to stop by Suncoast Diving and see what is the schedule for up coming training.