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SSI Open Water Diver

Mikko SSI Open Water

Mikko came and found UWE and EcoSea Dive and decided he was wanting to do his Open Water training.  So off he went on down the training road to becoming a certified diver.  Mikko rose to the the challenge made short work of the day of academics which challenged him in the ares of Physics, Physiology and Buoyancy.  Well done Mikko, did an excellent job mate!!

Day two and three had Mikko out in the water working on his confined water skills, with skills such as mask clearing, regulator recovery, out of air drills, and buoyancy control.  Mikko demonstrated from early on he was a natural, and he certainly did excel in all areas of his training!! Once we hit the Open Water dives, he was simply one of the fun divers, as he was able to demonstrate excellent skills all the way through.  Well done to you Mikko, I hope you are out there diving like crazy buddy!!


More SSI Open Water Divers!

Rosa SSI Open Water

Once again UWE and EcoSea Dive are very excited to announce we have three new Open Water divers!  We had a course of three students come in, all friends wanting to complete their Open Water training!!  So we explained the simple differences between PADI and SSI, and sure enough all three people decided SSI was the way ahead for these people!

As with all of the courses, Day 1 had us in the class room working on theory, the does and don’ts about scuba diving, and yes of course the Golden Rule, that all scuba divers know and are confidence there will not be a problem!  Sure enough there was no problems, and no Beer fines this class, though I tried hard to find some!!

Trevor SSI Open Water

Day 2, found us on the boat on the way out to the island.  We went through set up and take down of the scuba unit.  Once we were out on the island it was quick to dress and out into the water we went. All three students were naturals.  The one student Rosa had many questions, but that is always good, its better to get the questions out, so you are always sure of what is expected, and how things are done!  Well Done!!  After we completed all 5 of the confined Open Water dives I had the students go out so we could do Open Water Dive 1, which set us up perfectly for day three training.

On Day 3, we had the students diving Corner Bar and Last tree, for their 2nd Open

Matt SSI Open Water

Water dive.  The conditions were excellent, good visibility and lots of marine life.  I would say that this we easily one of the best morning dives I have had in many days.  We conducted Open Water 3 on Back Door dive site, and then we went back to Corner Bar for the last dive.  Once again conditions were very good…and overall it was a successful couple days of diving!!

Well done to all the students, I am very impressed!! Happy Diving to all.

New SSI Open Water Divers

Katie SSI Open Water

UWE and EcoSea Dive are very excited to announce that we have a ned Open Water Diver.  Ms Katie came out and hit us with storm and she flew through her training with no troubles what-so-ever!!

Day 1, had Katie breezing through the book work.  She made easy work of the knowledge reviews, and was very fast to pick up on the Dive computers section.  When it came to exam time, she made short work of it, and put away a passing mark without even breaking a sweat!! Well done!

Day 2 and 3 had us out on the island.  We started off with the Confined Water skills which Katie showed she had no troubles completing so it was simple to get Open Water 1 and 2 completed.  On the third day, Katie volunteered to help out and be a casualty during the Rescue course that Jarred was working on.  She once again made easy work of the Open Water Divers skills, so she then once completed became a drowning casualty that Jarred had to react too.

Well done Katie and thank you so much for the assistances!!! Safe travels!!!!

We have New SSI Open Water Divers!!

Nina L

UWE and EcoSea Dive are excited to announce we have three new Open Water Divers. Nina, Lila and Charles-Edouard came into us and asked to do their open water divers course.  They chose to do the SSI version of the course.  As we know there really is little difference between the two training agency.

Day 1 had the three in the classroom, watching the training video, and doing the various academic requirements in order to complete the course.  They learned about pressure, dive computers, physics, and then a quick review of what skills we would work on for day 2.

Day 2, was a lot of fun, though the students decided not

Charles-Edouard L.

to remain on the island so they did the day trip version of the course.  All three quickly showed they had no problems doing what they needed to do for the confined water skills.  They all looked like pros right from the first moment in the water.

Lila G

Day 3 had us out on the reefs diving at Corner Bar, and Back door.  The three students showed how comfortable and how easy scuba diving was coming to them.  All three students had great air consumption rates so that meant we could enjoy nice long dives!

Overall well done to all involved!  I hope you get out there and use your new certifications!!  Interested in diving…let us know!

New SSI Open Water Diver

UWE  is excited to announce that we have a new SSI Open Water Diver.  A gig congratulations goes out to Julianne, for

Julianne S.

completing her SSI Open Water Course.  She can in late in the afternoon with her friends and decided she wanted to do her course, so we went hard at it and completed her academics in no time!  Well done Julianne!!

Day two had us diverting to Lazy Beach due to bad winds, which of course brings us bad visibility, but Julianne was equal to the task and made short work of the confined water skills! So it was off on Open Water Dive 1, where she did a marvelous job, and her buoyancy was fantastic!!

Day three had us out in the open ocean doing her three remaining dives.  Visibility now down to 1/2 a meter, big surge, heavy surf, and lots of hard work.  Julianne was equal to the task, in all respects, and was successful in the end.

Well done!!! Julianne, SSI Open Water Diver!!

UWE’s First SSI Certification!!

Lai Wa

UWE is very excited to announce we have our first SSI certification!! Lai Wa, came to us through EcoSea Dive and wanted to do her SSI Open Water course.  So, we were certainly more then excited to take on the student.

Day One was conducted in the classroom at EcoSea Dive Center in Sihanoukville Cambodia, Lai Wa had little problems with her book work, and she certainly excelled with the academics.

Day Two, had Lai Wa out in the confined water training.  The gear weighted twice what she did so there was some issues moving around out of the water, but in the water, she was able to demonstrate all the skills needed to be certified.  once we hit the Open ocean dives on the third day, it was obvious that she was going to be a great diver!!

Well done to Lai Wa for all of her hard work!