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Diving with the Crew

UWE has been back on the Sunshine Coast for the month of October, diving with the old crew.  Sarah, Rob, Nancy, Paul, Jeremy, Bruno and Sam.  We have been out at the all time favorite shore site, yes you got it Tuwanek.  We have been treated to the Giant Pacific Octopus, and Wolf Eel’s, all the fabulous marine life that Tuwanek has to offer, and as always the visibility was 100 ft plus!!  Temperatures are dropping that is for sure, but great diving never the less!

Hooded Nudibranch

We also made it out on the zodiac for a days worth of diving.  We picked two dive sites which we/I had never dived before.  The first site, is one I had wanted to try on a few occasions but never really made it in there.  I can not remember the name of the place, but it was the rocks just down from Pipers Point,  it had some very interesting areas, we even ran into two Giant Pacific Octopods, one that appeared to have died very recently, then the second in the same den which was still alive.  The topography was amazing.  Then the second dive site was 9 mile point, but we went in around the corner, where normally the divers are exiting at so it was a new area for us.  Once again the wall was amazing topography wise, and it had plenty of depth.  The one group of divers had indicated that they had seen an octopus, around 80 – 90 foot, but the group I was with did not.

Overall it was fabulous diving the inlet again, as well as diving with my old friends, and meeting some new people….thank you to all who made the dives so wonderful!

New Advanced Open Water Divers

UWE would like to congratulate Rod E., Connie E., and Bill M., for successfully completing their Padi Advanced Open Water course.  We kicked off their training Saturday morning, out in Tuwanek.  All three students indicated that they had not been scuba diving in at least a year, so the first couple of dives were used as check out dives.  The visibility on Saturday was pretty close, with large particals in the water making the check out dives more challenging.

[singlepic id=256 w=220 h=140 mode=watermark float=center] [singlepic id=255 w=220 h=140 mode=watermark float=center] [singlepic id=254 w=220 h=140 mode=watermark float=center]
Connie E. Rod E. Bill M.

On Sunday we head of down the inlet to conduct the Deep dive of the Advanced Open Water which was done on the HMCS CHAUDIERE, which is always a good dive.  You could certainly see there was lots of excitement.  On the second dive, it was decided that we were heading to the Tzoonie Narrows for the drift dive, however we got skunked as there was little to no movement at all, but there was a very large number of Giant Nudi’s which are on of my favorites.

Tuesday night we decided we would try the Dirft option once again. so we packed up and headed off to the Tzoonie Narrows once again and sure enough we got ourselves a great drift dive.  The second dive was to be a night dive which was conducted off the boat on the left island in Tuwanek.  We rolled in right at the mooring line that drops us past the Octo den, so of course we had to check it out.  Once we had certainly freaked that octopus out with all the bright dive lights, it was off towards the shallows for my muck dive, where we saw a couple of small gunnels, a red octopus and many other cool little critters.

Today had us back at Tuwanek for the completion of the Nav portion of the Advanced Open Water.  Well done to all involved!!

Drift Dive Specialty

Uwe and Suncoast Diving went out today on the Inlet to complete the PADI Drift Specialty Course.  Kim, came up to Sechelt from Vancouver so she could take this course, and boy what an amazing day we had.  On dive one, we stopped by at the Power Lines, this is an amazing wall dive, with a slight drift to it.  The depth on the wall is around 900ft though as you can image we remained in the top 100ft of the wall.

The wall was really beautiful as it was all covered with Feather Stars, chimney sponges, Ling cod…and sure enough, there we were on our safety stop, and there sat a Giant Pacific Octopus.  It was a young one, maybe two hands large, and it just sat on this rock on the wall, checking us out.  So, you know me…had had to get him on video, I have a couple of minutes of decent video of him.

Dive two had us out to the Tzoonie Narrows, and were we ever surprised when we saw slush/ice flows going through the narrows.  Can anyone say fresh mountain run off!!  Cold, yes it was, and before we got our nerve up to jump, Bruno had brought all the fixings for an amazing fire se we could warm ourselves, and get some things dried so we could get in and enjoy dive two.

Once everyone had warmed up it was off to the narrows for what would be another fantastic dive.  The surface temp was in the 37 – 38 f range, and below the layer was still a bone chilling 43 – 44.  The visibility was good, and we were treated to some giant barnacles, anemones, and our ever popular Moon jellies.

Overall another fantastic dive…..!

Gear Review: UK Sun Ray LED Light

[singlepic id=215 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]I just purchased the new UK Sun Ray LED light, from Suncoast Diving in Sechelt, and WOW what a light. I used to have UK Light Cannon and this new Sun Ray has just about TWICE the power along with a low and high switch which I found to be very effective, especially during night dives.
The other thing that I like about Sun Ray is that I dropped it on the floor and it was just fine, not like Light Cannon, if you dropped it then it may or may not work again.
In my humble opinion this is the BEST light that UK has brought out and it comes complete with a rechargeable battery so no more buying batteries all the time.

Yours in Diving,

Bob Hodgson

Another Busy Day of Training!!

[singlepic=55,320,240,watermark,left]UWE, and Suncoast Diving were out in Tuwanek, three courses running.  We had a Rescue Course with 4 students, Drysuit Course with 1, and then 2 on the PADI Advanced Course.  It is easy to tell that we are into the fall diving season, as water temperatures are dropping, and visibility is opening way way up….with it being crystal clear from depth to the surface.

Sam had the Drysuit and Advanced course out, with her completing the first dive for the dry suit student, and then she worked on the Navigation Dive for the Advanced course.  Its a good thing that everyone was in drysuits as the surface temperature is at 50 and dropping…though Sam reported she found a patch of 48 ou there!! Brrrr!!!

I had the 4 Rescue course on the go…where we were working on the top 10 confined skills….with being successful in completing them all with the exception of the response from shore…which we will be able to complete in tomorrows trianing session.

Well dune to all the students for their hard work and understanding that even though they are all excited about getting underwater…and exploring….in order to be successful the skills must be completed!!

Deco Procedures : Sechelt

[singlepic=136,320,240,watermark,left] UWE started up another Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures course on the 9th of Sept.  Neil and Mike came up from Vancouver to work on this course, so we had two very full days of training.  We were able to tackle the academic work for the two courses…plus touch on some of the work on the DSAT Gas Blender course.

Tuesday was spent working out equipment for configuration, once that was completed it was out to Tuwanek[singlepic=138,320,240,watermark,right] for 2 skills dives.  S Drills, V drills, donning and doffing stage cylinders, with and without masks, and don’t forget bag drills and SAC rate calculations.  It was close to 7 pm when we were leaving Tuwanek…on the way back to Suncoast Diving, for some gas mixing and more knowledge reviews.

Wednesday morning was spent completing the remainder of knowldege reviews, analyizing gas, and prepping the boat.  We were out on to the water for 12, and off to Tuwanek point, where the first dive of the day had us on an extended range gas switching no decompression dive.  The main purpose of this dive is to utilize the [singlepic=139,320,240,watermark,left] NOTOX switch as well as introducing the second stage bottle.  Finally, we dropped in for a 30 minutes skills dive, with surprise skills, S Drills, V Drills…and donning and doffing of stage cylinders!!

Overall this was an excellent 2 days of training, Neil and Mike completed the Advanced Nitrox section of their trianing…now we just need to do some decompression dives!! Stay Tuned!!