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Labour Day Weekend

[singlepic=131,320,240,watermark,left]Another excellent weekend spent out on the Sechelt Inlet visiting all the great dive sites the inlet has to offer.  Saturday had the charter on a three tank dive day, with the first dive on the Chaudiere, where for some it was the very first time on the wreck.  It is always nice having the first timers…as the cheer after the dive is amazing.

Dive two had us down on the Tzoonie Narrows for a drift dive, which for some, was not as enjoyable as they thought it maybe.  The tide was on the ebb, so we dropped the three groups in bay side of the narrows, up on the wall, so they could have a good long drift.   The worse case should have been a 2.8 knot dirft right at the top of the tide, but we arrived about an hour before slack…so it should bee perfect.[singlepic=129,320,240,watermark,right]

Once we had the divers out of the water from that dive, we put the peddle to the metal in order to get back to Pipers so we could get our third dive in.  Pipers was a rewarding dive, as finally we were able to show Nancy an octopus…so all is good!!

Great day diving, good dive group….here is hoping we get to dive together again!!

Wreck Course Complete

[singlepic=107,320,240,watermark,left]There is a big congratulations to passed along to Peter and Jeremy as they sucessfully completed the PADI Wreck course that was held on the weekend, thanks to Suncoast Diving.

Friday was the first day of the Wreck course. The two students conducted a complete survey and image re creation of the sail boat which is resting in 30 feet of water at Tuwanek Point. Everything went well, both students demonstrated excellent buoyancy and diving skills.

On with Day Two, the HMCS CHAUDIERE, where the first dive on Saturday had us navigating and mapping the wreck in order to find a good penetration point for the last dive of the specialty. Both students were up for a[singlepic=106,320,240,watermark,right] couple easy swim throughs on the wreck. The next dive had both students working on running the penetrations reels on the out side of the wreck which can be tricky…though both students did an excellent job!

Sunday was the big day for the penetration, Jeremy and Peter decided to penetrate on the forward gun bay door, through the bride, and down the Ops Room ladder, and through the Operations Room and exiting through the cut out on the Starboard side. Both did an excellent job!

Well done to all!!

SDI Deep Training

[singlepic=29,320,240,watermark,left]A big congratulations to Jeremy, he completed is SDI Deep course today, and lucked out but doing his 130 foot dive on the HMCS Chaudiere. Visibility was easily 50 – 70 feet. We did our skills down deep, and then slowly ascended and was able to conduct a couple of swim throughs.

Dive 2 was done at 9 mile point. We were diving on EANx 34, so we had tons of bottom time. Though the best part of the dive was at the 45 – 55 foot level where we happened on to an octopus guarding her eggs in her den. What a beautiful sight!!

Interested in seeing what we see…be sure to stop by Suncoast Diving and sign up for a charter or learn to dive class!!

Sechelt Inlet Diving

[singlepic=67,320,240,watermark,left]The past week has been a busy week in the Sechelt Inlet. UW Explorers spent Tuesday doing a deep decompression dive on the Power Lines at 150 feet. We made our way down into the Big Chimney Sponges. The visibility was not bad but still pretty murky in the 25 – surface water column.

Thursday had us out in Coopers Green, and completed Julie’s Open Water course through SDI. The day was good, and the weather certainly improving as the week went along. The water is about 2 degree’s cooler then[singlepic=69,320,240,watermark,right] the inlet, and the visibility is pretty murky to almost 40 feet, and very dark. Overall it was another good day of diving, and a big congratulations to Julie for completing her Openwater course!

Friday we were out on the boat conducting some fun diving with a couple of customers. The visibility was amazing with easily 100 foot. The first dive was at Half Island, and the marine life was in great abundance, and we lucked out with an encounter with a small octopus. Dive two was out at Tuwanek Point, and once again the visibility was amazing. From the surface, I was able to see the small sailing boat at 30 feet. As we descended I knew we were in for a great dive. The nudi’s were in great numbers, lots of crabs and various other fish.

[singlepic=68,320,240,watermark,left]Today was spent diving with the Sunshine Coast Dive Club, and once again we were out to the right island in Tuwanek. Overall the dive was great at 51 minutes. There was a good surface current to deal with, but the vis was amazing, and it was another great dive!!

Decompression Course

[singlepic=60,320,240,watermark,left]We completed dive number 5 yesterday with Vassili. We worked out our dive tables, gas requirements, printed off tables and headed back out to the HMCS Chaudiere for the dive. The dive plan was to head down the 70 foot line and work our way forward under the Chaud in the 150 foot region.

The plan soundeds, good….but sadly mother nature had different plans. Once we arrived at the mooring line and tied up the boat, we suited up and completed all our pre-dive checks. Things where going great, we had our deco bottles attached and set bubble checks completed, and off we went. I was very opptimistic that this was going t be a great dive, as the Chaudiere loomed in the distances and was visible from the 36 foot mark. However, as I made my away off the line and dropped past the ship, it became very obvious that the visibility[singlepic=57,320,240,watermark,right] past the 100 foot mark was almost zero and zero. Checking my computer I say I was passing the 135foot mark and the bottom at 145 – 150 was still not visible. Our plan called for us remaining visiual with the wreck so we would not have any difficulty using the mooring line for our deco ascent. This was not possibile so we ended up shallowing up the dive, in order to regain visual with wreck. Once this was sorted out, we did a mild penetration up forward where we entered a cut out, traversed a passage way and headed out the hatch up forward on the Foc’sle. Once we exited there, we headed aft remaining deep on the port side and slid under the wreck and headed towards the keel, were we ascended on time to our first deco stop at 60 feet for 2 minutes. Vassili did a great job, and big BZ to Sam for helping and being my Technical Dive Master!!


May Long Weekend

[singlepic=51,320,240,watermark,left]The May long weekend was a long one for sure for Suncoast Diving and Uw Explorers. Friday we spent the day out on the inlet, with 4 Marine Biologists doing a collection of various types of Sea Weeds etc. So Sam and I stayed dry and made sure that everyone had not difficulties with dressing and getting into the water to get there specimens.

Saturday we were back on the water for another day with the Marine Biologists and two fun divers. Dive one was on the Power Lines and from all accounts things were fantastic. So, suspect that is where we will be doing Vas’s last Decompression Training dive.

Sunday, was a tad bit slower with two fun divers, and just one dive on the HMCS Chaudiere. All in all it was a great weekend…lots of great sun, good diving, and time on the boat!!