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Course Training Page Updated

Last minute checks

UWE, is in the process of updating the Training Center here at Uw Explorers.  We have completed the Technical Diving section.  We have updated prices and number of dives.  Don’t miss out on some of the best training and diving you can imagine.

We offer Technical training through PADI/DSAT and TDI.  If there is a technical course you want to take and you do not see it on our website be sure to send us and email, so we can send you out some information of the course, and where you can take it.  In most cases we bring in guest instructors if we are not able to conduct the course.

New Decompression Divers

[singlepic id=282 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]UWE is excited to announce that Peter M has successfully completed his Advanced Nitrox, and Decompression Procedures training.  He arrived from Denver early last week, and we got hard at it.  The first day had a steep learning curve, where Peter was shown how to set up the Doubles, and we prepped with one stage bottle.  Once we had everything set up it was off to Coopers Green where we did a marathon dive that was filled with almost every skill that is needed to dive in the Technical sense.

On our second day, we did dual stage bottle skills, no mask drills and bag drills. As in the first day the learn curve was very steep.  This week had us doing our first decompression Dives, with the first one in Tuwanek, and then the second on at the HMCS CHAUDIERE.  Peter was certified on Wednesday, and this Saturday has us heading to the Power Lines for a dip to 170 feet.  Great times ahead!!

Day 1 of Advanced Nitrox/Decoprocedures

Today had Peter upon from Colorado to do the TDI Advanced Nitrox and Decompressions Procedures course. Though the weather was wet and cool, it made no difference since todays dive was spent at 30 feet in very warm water.   Today’s dive included, V drills, S Drills, donning and doffing of cyinders, NOTX and some Lift Bag drills.

This was Peter’s first time in doubles, and the learning curve is steep as the drills come fast and furious.  Peter was certainly up to the challenge he had no troubles getting through the work.  We did not complete everything that was laid out to try, though that is cool since it was certainly a challenging afternoon for all.  Well done Peter….I hope you are read for tomorrow!!