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Diving in Tuwanek

UWE went and did some fun diving in Sechelt at one of our favourite dive sites.  Yes, of course it was Tuwanek.  Diving in Tuwanek has provided me with un countable hours of pleasure and happiness.  The dive sit is … Continue reading

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We’re Back…….

Last summer UWE made a post entitle “They’re Back….”, it was in reference to the Giant Pacific Octopods having returned to Tuwanek and the four dens on the left island.  This yes we are writing another story entitled close to … Continue reading

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Return to Tuwanek

UWE has returned to Canada, and where was our first cold water dive…you have it Tuwanek!  I had to wear this strange suit called a drysuit…not a 3mm short like I had been wearing not all that long ago while … Continue reading

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Congratulations to the new Rescue Divers

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Bruno P.
Ken G.
Jeremy C.

UWE and Suncoast Diving is excited to announce that we have three new Rescue Divers.  Bruno, Ken and Jeremy were hard at … Continue reading

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Kelp Crabs

UWE was out puttering in Tuwanek very shallow, and they got a few minutes of some nice footage of a Kelp Crab, playing around in the weeds.  As well, we captured a some frames of all the Sea Perch schooling … Continue reading

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Giant Pacific Octopus

[singlepic id=185 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]UWE was out diving at Tuwanek Beach again today, as it is a dive that never disappoints, and once again today we were rewarded with a beautiful encounter with two Giant Pacific Octopi.  The sky … Continue reading

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