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Tuwanek Wolf Eel Dive

[singlepic id=247 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]A big thank you goes out to Andrew and Vince for coming over to the coast, so they could make sure we were able to get on the Wolf Eels on the right island.  The short surface swim seems to pass rather quickly with the excitement of finally getting the footage we want of the wolf eels.  As we arrived at the point of the island it was time to descend and get on our way.  The first thing I realize on the descent, is that I really do not dive this side enough.  Things that I remember are nothing like what I see, though I am more then happy to follow on this dive.

As we proceeded past the area where the row boat, we are greeted with 80 foot visibility, and a slight increase in water temperature, which is very welcomed after a long cold winter of diving.  We continued our swim for about 18 minutes, and sure enough Andrew looks back and motions us to come forward, he has found the Wolf Eel den.  Andrew and Vince, have marked [singlepic id=246 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]the den with a length of rope leading from a large rock over to the far side of a rock face pretty much right to where the wolf eel  lives.  Great idea guys!

After a few minutes of filming, it was time to start our return trip.  Geoff, headed shallow as the group continued back along the 50 foot mark.  If we had followed Geoff shallower, we would have had a run in with the second wolfe eel den and sure enough…we could have played with a small seal.

Photo Credit: Sam Sugars

SCDC Drop in Night Dive

[singlepic=212,320,240,watermark,left]SCDC and Uw Explorers went out on their first weekly drop in night dive.  Sam, Bob, Bruno, Jeremy and I met at Suncoast Diving for 4 in the afternoon, gathered together our gear and headed off to Tuwanek for our first club night dive.

Once in Tuwanek, it was quite evident that the tide was up, so we could pretty much dress and splash we were in the water. Bruno, Bob and Jeremy buddied up and headed out for a tour around the left island.  As always they were n search for that ever illusive Giant Pacific Octopus.  They zeroed in on two den’s but sadly no one was home.  Sam and I were going on a photography dive so we teamed up with the plan to head down as far as far as the first Octopus den, and after a quick check, we new either he was not using it any longer, or he was out hunting.

We spent a large majority of our dive in the 60 – 80 foot range, searching through the mud in order to find [singlepic=206,320,240,watermark,right]what little critter was out and enjoying the evening.  We ran across a Black Eyed Hermit crab, red rock crab, Plainfin Midshipman, a little red octopus, and many many of little guys.

The visiiblity though a night dive was huge, clear and the water was in the 52 degree range at depth…but it was certainly far cooler on the surface to about 15 feet or so, where there was lots of fresh water run off from the mountains.  Interested in joing the dive club?? Be sure to stop by Sunshine Coast Dive Club!!

New Downloads

UWE is excited to announce some new additions to our Downloads section.  We have just received a larger number of Ebooks/Magazines specifically concerning Underwater Photography.  The mags have some great images, articles complete with tips and equipment reviews.  Be sure to stop by and download the latest editions.  Currently there are two files, edition 44 and 45.  We will add a new edition each month.

Want to see something added to our site, be sure to let me know.

Marine Life Encounters (HMCS CHAUDIERE)

[singlepic=181,320,240,watermark,right]Today was shaping up to be a wet cold trip up to the HMCS CHAUDIERE.  Don’t get me wrong, not that I do not enjoy diving the Chanudiere, but some days it can get a little on the boring time, especially when we dive it so often.

Well, today could certainly not be described as boring…ok, I think it would be one of the best dives I have ever had here in Sechelt. So here is what the dive plan was,  Doug from PADI HQ had a couple of friends up diving, and wanted me to lead a penetration….me well I was looking for Nudibranchs to take some pictures of on the Chaudiere, so I figured it was a good plan and would cover off each groups wants.  So, Jeremy was [singlepic=186,320,240,watermark,left]going to take the stage bottle down for me, and secure it at the 70 foot mark on the round down on the boat.  He headed down be for us, and I was the next to descend.  As I came down the line, I could clearly see Jeremy on the Chaud, tying the rope for the stage bottle…and I could see this big lump about 3 – 5 feet to his left.  As I approached I quickly was able to see that it was no lump…but a Giant Pacific Octopus.  WOW!!!  Out camera…and lets get some hot shots!!

This Pacific Ocotopus stayed and plaed with us for upwards of 20 minutes….floating up like he was going split…to settle back down on the boat…there was two or three color changes…overall it was simply amazing!!  To see more of these photos, just check out the images on the left hand menu bar.

9 Mile Point…

[singlepic=175,320,240,watermark,right]Uw Explorers once again was up to 9 mile point with some fun divers.  THe visibility was amazing and clear, and the water is getting that cold winter feel to it.  There was tons of bull kelp up and the marine life as abundent as always.

Our female octopus is still holding on…though she is looking pretty weak and I would say she is not going to hang on much longer.  Much to my surprise in about 30 feet of water I ran into a nice size Lingcod who was a willing model for some pictures.  I also had a chance to take some pictures of a Red Dendronotid.

Overall another good dive up Sechelt Inlet!!


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