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New Open Water Diver

UWE is happy to announce that Duncan F. from the UK has successfully completed his PADI Openwater course.  Duncan joined us for three days and spent a night out on the island.  He certainly did a fantastic job with his … Continue reading

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New Drysuit Divers

[singlepic id=233 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]UWE would like to extend a big congratulations to Jason and Jak for there successful completion of the PADI Drysuit course.   Both students made their way to the Sunshine Coast wanting to do some diving, … Continue reading

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9 mile Tec Dive

[singlepic=137,320,240,watermark,right]Uwe and Suncoast Diving was up to 9 mile point doing another Tec dive.  Neil and Mike were up from Vancouver to do another of their Technical dives.  Though we had a later start then normal overall it was well … Continue reading

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Busy Weekend of Training

What a great weekend.  Victoria and Brett came up from Vancouver to take their Drysuit course and to do some fun diving!!  Things started off really well, we got the video done and out of the way, and then got … Continue reading

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Gear Review: Galileo Sol

Wrist Mount Computer, Transmitter, Heart Monitor
Easy to code, easy to read, easy to navigate.
Simple to set the transmitter, and found even if you’re a bit longer getting into the water and don’t get a chance to purge lines to change … Continue reading

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SCDC Drop in Night Dive

[singlepic=212,320,240,watermark,left]SCDC and Uw Explorers went out on their first weekly drop in night dive.  Sam, Bob, Bruno, Jeremy and I met at Suncoast Diving for 4 in the afternoon, gathered together our gear and headed off to Tuwanek for our … Continue reading

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