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Giant Pacific Octopus Encounter Video

Well its finally in!! Doug Bingeman of PADI Canada sent through to Uw Explorers some of his video from our Octopus Encounter back on the 11th of Nov. While diving on the HMCS CHAUDIERE we had a chance to spend 20 minutes playing with a Giant Pacific Octopus….well here it is in video. The remixing and editing was done by Uw Explorers. Let us know what you think!!

Another Busy Day of Training!!

[singlepic=55,320,240,watermark,left]UWE, and Suncoast Diving were out in Tuwanek, three courses running.  We had a Rescue Course with 4 students, Drysuit Course with 1, and then 2 on the PADI Advanced Course.  It is easy to tell that we are into the fall diving season, as water temperatures are dropping, and visibility is opening way way up….with it being crystal clear from depth to the surface.

Sam had the Drysuit and Advanced course out, with her completing the first dive for the dry suit student, and then she worked on the Navigation Dive for the Advanced course.  Its a good thing that everyone was in drysuits as the surface temperature is at 50 and dropping…though Sam reported she found a patch of 48 ou there!! Brrrr!!!

I had the 4 Rescue course on the go…where we were working on the top 10 confined skills….with being successful in completing them all with the exception of the response from shore…which we will be able to complete in tomorrows trianing session.

Well dune to all the students for their hard work and understanding that even though they are all excited about getting underwater…and exploring….in order to be successful the skills must be completed!!

Marine Life Encounters (HMCS CHAUDIERE)

[singlepic=181,320,240,watermark,right]Today was shaping up to be a wet cold trip up to the HMCS CHAUDIERE.  Don’t get me wrong, not that I do not enjoy diving the Chanudiere, but some days it can get a little on the boring time, especially when we dive it so often.

Well, today could certainly not be described as boring…ok, I think it would be one of the best dives I have ever had here in Sechelt. So here is what the dive plan was,  Doug from PADI HQ had a couple of friends up diving, and wanted me to lead a penetration….me well I was looking for Nudibranchs to take some pictures of on the Chaudiere, so I figured it was a good plan and would cover off each groups wants.  So, Jeremy was [singlepic=186,320,240,watermark,left]going to take the stage bottle down for me, and secure it at the 70 foot mark on the round down on the boat.  He headed down be for us, and I was the next to descend.  As I came down the line, I could clearly see Jeremy on the Chaud, tying the rope for the stage bottle…and I could see this big lump about 3 – 5 feet to his left.  As I approached I quickly was able to see that it was no lump…but a Giant Pacific Octopus.  WOW!!!  Out camera…and lets get some hot shots!!

This Pacific Ocotopus stayed and plaed with us for upwards of 20 minutes….floating up like he was going split…to settle back down on the boat…there was two or three color changes…overall it was simply amazing!!  To see more of these photos, just check out the images on the left hand menu bar.

9 Mile Point…

[singlepic=175,320,240,watermark,right]Uw Explorers once again was up to 9 mile point with some fun divers.  THe visibility was amazing and clear, and the water is getting that cold winter feel to it.  There was tons of bull kelp up and the marine life as abundent as always.

Our female octopus is still holding on…though she is looking pretty weak and I would say she is not going to hang on much longer.  Much to my surprise in about 30 feet of water I ran into a nice size Lingcod who was a willing model for some pictures.  I also had a chance to take some pictures of a Red Dendronotid.

Overall another good dive up Sechelt Inlet!!


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New Photo Gallery

[singlepic=165,320,240,watermark,left]Uw Explorers is excited to announce that we have added a new Photo Gallery to the site.  The photos are the work of Jeremy Chesworth who has been training and diving with us, as well as Suncoast Diving.  Jeremy has just started taking photos, and is doing an amazing job of it.  He is working with a Nikonos V with 35mm, 28mm and 15mm lens.

Though film cameras are not in as big a demand as they once were, the quality of the images are simply amazing.  Be sure to stop by and check out some of his work.