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Red Hat Divers

[singlepic id=231 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]Red Hat Divers has completed and launched their web site, which can be seen at www.redhatdivers.com.  This is a group  of divers which is a division of Uw Explorers offer underwater video and underwater still photography services.  They are currently working on a DVD that will cover all the great diving that is offered on the Sunshine Coast.

Red Hat Divers also offers a commerical services where they will video/photo survey your boat, dock, beach front, morring area.  As well, if you want a video history of yourdive vacation or dive course, Red Hat Divers will record footage and make it in a DVD for you to enjoy for years to come.  Be sure to stop by and visit their site, they have some great video footage available for download free of charge.


UWE and Red Hat Divers is excited to announce that we were up on the HMCS CHAUDIERE on Wednesday, Jan 28, helping with some of the underwater video footage for the Capilano College movie that is being made.  Originally it was going to us just driving the zodiac but we offered to do underwater footage for them if they wish.

Here is some of the shots that we were able to compile, let us know what you think.

Weekly Night Dive

[singlepic id=226 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]UWE and SCDC once again met at Suncoast Diving to head out for their weekly drop in night dive.  It was a little hit and miss, as early in the day it was snowing rather heavy.  Never being to cold to dive, the roads can be pretty rough down into Tuwanek so we were not to sure how the day would work out.  Thankfully, the snow did not stick, nor did it snow for too long, so sure enough…off we went at 4, headed to the dive site.

Once again there was a pretty good turn out for the dive.  The water temperature on the surface has certainly decreased a lot as [singlepic id=225 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]it is in the 39 degree range, though still fairly warm at depth, as it was still in the low 50’s.  Sam had the shop camera with her, and I had switched from video back to my still camera, and we certainly were not disappointed.  I found a Red Octopus once again, and then not to long afterwards, I found a Pip Fish sitting on the bottom in about 40 feet of water or so.  We also had some Sculpins, Hair Crabs, and a Giant Nudi, which is always a favorite.

Once again, come on out and come night diving with us…we promise it will be a blast!!

Weekly Night Dive

UWE and Sunshine Coast Dive Club were at it again.  Our weekly night dive had us down once again to the site in Tuwanek.  What Tuwanek again?!?  Yes Tuwanek, I mean really how can you not dive and dive that site, especially when you have Sam Octopus Woman Sugars with yuou.  Everytime I go in for a night dive with her…boom she finds an octopus out hunting in the gravel. 

So there we are, not even 10 minutes into the dive and sure enough, the light flash to the back of the head…yup its Octopus Woman…and sure enough there in the gravel is a young Giant Pacific Octopus…and you know me, I have the video camera.  So you got it…more octopus footage.  But really who gets tired of octopus encounters…certainly not I!!

The club dive was really a great success, we had Sam, Lindsy, Sean, Kyle, Carl and myself…so once again a good turn out.  Interested in night diving….be sure to stop by www.scdiveclub.net and sign up for the club!!