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A Busy Weekend for UWE

Uwe and Suncoast Diving had a busy week out on the inlet this past week.  Wednesday had us out at Tuwanek for a SDI Drysuit Course with Christine, she had not been diving in cold water for some time, but she is very interested in seeing some of the treasures that are here on the coast….so off we went to do the course!  The visibility was short as it is this time of year, the water cool…but certainly a 30 minute dive is not all that difficult.  Christine was a natural in the water, and she did an excellent job on the course.

Friday had us up to the HMCS CHAUDIERE and then Pipers Point for a charter.  The dive on the Chaudiere was as always excellent.  The visibility remains pretty short in the first 30 feet or so, but under that it is open to about 30 foot.  Byron and his buddy followed Bruno and I for a little while then went on their own tour.  I was inside the wreck doing some filming when I was abl to obtain this awesome shot of a diver passing over one of the cut outs just as I settle the camera in the same position.  It could not have been any better even if we planned it!!

The second dive of the day had us down to Pipers Point, where we did a quick 30 minute plunge while the other group of divers were out doing their dive.  We were feverishly looking for the Wolfe Eel that was sighted there a couple of days prior to that day…though we were unsuccessful, we did get on a nice sight of a Ling Cod protecting her egg mass.  That is the video footage that we have add to this post for everyone to see!!

Looks like UWE is going to be taking a weeks break on diving, in order to catch up on all of our videos, and to get caught up on our dive stories.  If you are wanting to get out in the water….drop us an email…and lets get something arranged!!

Diving with the Master!

[singlepic id=107 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]Yesterday certainly turned out to be an amazing day,  I had the opportunity to dive with Tony Holmes, my mentor the guy who taught me everything I know about diving and what a pleasure it was!!

We originally had a charter booked headed out to the HMCS CHAUDIERE, and as always I was looking forward to diving it, plus I would have the chance to get more footage of the wreck, something I certainly would not turn down….but who to dive with.  The charter was going to be a Tec Dive, with two on doubles and one on a rebreather….and I certainly was not in the frame of mind to do a long cold hang at 20 feet.  Out of the blue, Tony called the shop and said he was hoping to get out for a dive or two for the weekend, talk about timing!!

Once everything was loaded on the boat, it was off to the boat launch and the trip up the inlet.  With the sun being out, it made you think of the soon to be summer, though the air was still pretty crisp as we skimmed along the wave tops.  Once on the dive site, we tied to the stern line on the wreck, and began getting the Tec guys read…first in was Owen on the rebreather, then Keith and Jessica.   As they disappeared into what appeared pea soup, Tony and I prepared for our entry.  Determined not to hang at the 20 foot mark on a long deco, away we went.  Happily I slide into the follow position on Tony, and the tour began!

We swam the distance of the wreck and slide up through the hole at the 130ft mark, just back from the bow which leads into the forward crews heads and wash place, from there we went up through the door on Berma Road that takes you into One and Two Mess.  Normally once in the Mess we would ascend through the exit point which is overhead, but on this dive Tony decided to head straight into an opening that leads into the forepeak which eventually lead to the outside of the wreck.  This turned out to be an excellent penetration, and I was able to get some good footage, though I am pretty sure this is where my troubles began.  Since we were in the higher profile 120 cuft steel tanks I got my valve caught on the hatch combing, and had to wiggle through the opening.  Unbeknown to me, this must be the point where my 8 pound weight pouch got caught and dropped.  As when I got through the opening I was very light all of a sudden and had to dump some air from the BCD.  Though not a big problem at this point…that would not be the case when I had to maintain my depth on what was going to be a 16 minute decompression stop.

Once we came out of this penetration we headed up and over the bow of the CHAUDIERE, where we got our first glimpse of Owen on his Megladon Rebreather, it always amazes me how quiet they are.  We headed off to the penetration at the bridge where we would go in the lower hole on the bridge roof, and ascend up through the brdige to the Ops Room ladder which leads into ops, and through the Sonar control room, our exitpoint is overhead that leads out through an opening on the stardboard side of the boat.  As we proceeded aft and to our ascent line we did two more penetrations, one which was new for me, and then the final one on the stern, and out to the ascent line.

As we started up to our first decompression stop it was obvious this was not going to be a routine hold for me, as the I was about 8 pounds two light, and I had to wrap myself around the ascent line in order to maintain the 20 then 10 foot stops.  Thankfully it was only 16 minutes of a hold.

As always another great dive, I certainly have missed diving with Tony, something I hope we will get the chance to do again in the near future.  If you are interested in doing the Wreck Specialty or Advanced Nitrox/Decompressions Procedures go to the Courses page on this site, and see what it is all about!

Busy Training Week

[singlepic=147,320,240,watermark,right]Last week was an outstanding week of training.  We did a double wreck/Nitrox and Drysuit courses, and what a blast it was!!  Weather was a little wet, but the visibility was amazing!!

Day One: Of training was done in Tuwanek Beach, getting the students comfortable diving in drysuits, which as anyone who dives one…takes a bit of getting use to.  On the first dive we simply slide down to the Slab of rock where our resident octopus lives.  Once we got our chance to look at our friend, we did the various skills required to certify in the drysuit.  Both students had no problems conducting the skills.  Dive two had us heading out and around the left island.  Overall the dives were amazing.

Day Two: Was spent out at 9 mile point enjoying some good old fun dives/Photo Dives, where Jeremy and I spent the day snapping pictures of all the amazing marine life in the area.

[singlepic=149,320,240,watermark,left]Day Three & Four: Wreck days….both students had very little problems with the first 3 of 4 dives on the wreck course…with dive 4 being the most challenging…with the big penetration they planned.  Even though there was a dropped reel…both students recoverred with little troubles…and had a very successful finish to an amazing week of diving!!

Interested in taking some diving course…be sure to check out Uw Explorers new Course tab…and get signed up for some training with us!!

Wreck Trianing

[singlepic=108,320,240,watermark,left]Another outstanding weekend full of diver training!  I would like to congratulate Nancy on completing the PADI Wreck Divers course.  She was able to meet and surpass all challenges that were presented her on this course.

The course started off on Sunday the 24th of Aug, with the normal paper work and video’s that need to be completed.  Afterwords it was analyzing all the NITROX tanks we were going to use and then it was off to the water.  After the 25 minute trip up the inlet on the Suncoast Diving Zodiac, we briefed, dressed and rolled into the water.  Visibility was certainly murky to say the least after the day or so of rain, and temperature changes.

After dive one, it was off to the beach to enjoy some down time while we prepared for dive two.  Once we finished the brief it was back on the wreck for dive two.  Points of entry were explored, and planes were being prepared for the next day.[singlepic=120,320,240,watermark,right]
Day Two, had us back up on the Chaudiere, just in time for Nancy to do the reel work on the outside of the wreck, and as everyone knows who have tried to use a reel, it is no easy task!  Nancy, had little problems and was able to make short work of this skill, so it was off to investigating more penetration points!

Dive 4, was spent with Nancy doing a nice swim through, and then exploring the wreck some more.  Once again congratulations Nancy…well done!!

Interested in taking a wreck course….stop by Suncoast Divings web site and see what’s happening in the trianing schedule!!

Wreck Course Complete

[singlepic=107,320,240,watermark,left]There is a big congratulations to passed along to Peter and Jeremy as they sucessfully completed the PADI Wreck course that was held on the weekend, thanks to Suncoast Diving.

Friday was the first day of the Wreck course. The two students conducted a complete survey and image re creation of the sail boat which is resting in 30 feet of water at Tuwanek Point. Everything went well, both students demonstrated excellent buoyancy and diving skills.

On with Day Two, the HMCS CHAUDIERE, where the first dive on Saturday had us navigating and mapping the wreck in order to find a good penetration point for the last dive of the specialty. Both students were up for a[singlepic=106,320,240,watermark,right] couple easy swim throughs on the wreck. The next dive had both students working on running the penetrations reels on the out side of the wreck which can be tricky…though both students did an excellent job!

Sunday was the big day for the penetration, Jeremy and Peter decided to penetrate on the forward gun bay door, through the bride, and down the Ops Room ladder, and through the Operations Room and exiting through the cut out on the Starboard side. Both did an excellent job!

Well done to all!!